Friday, 30 December 2011

1012, Here we come!

Hello beauties!

It's almost that time of the year again, isn't it?

Was 2011 all you wanted it to be? Maybe it was, and maybe it wasn't, but we're being given the gift of hope for 2012. May the next year be a year filled with only joy, love and positive things. I hope it'll be the year you look back on a long time from now and think "that was the year all the good things started." May you be blessed beyond your wildest dreams, more successful than you could ever imagine, and more loved than one person can handle. May you feel the presence of God in this year, and never want to leave it again. And I hope you realize the true beauty within yourself in 2012, because you are beautiful!

Thank you for your support during the last few months in which I have been doing this blog. I've truly enjoyed every moment of it, and I've met new people and made new friends because of it. In the new year, I'm going to undertake some new things too regarding the blog and The Bloomin' Couch, so watch this space! I'm thankful for so much that has happened in the past year, and we went through a lot of sorrow too. But it can only make us stronger!! :)

Love you all to bits, and I hope you'll hang around for the ride in 2012!

Stay beautiful!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Glam Box!

Hello beauties!

Something new has started here in South Africa, and it is called Glam Box. Overseas, there are many companies that do this type of thing, and now it has hit our shores. Now what is Glam Box, you ask? It is a service you can sign up for, for only R100 per month, and every month you'll receive a Glam Box, with around 5 beauty products inside. Some of the products will be sample sizes, but some will be full sized too, and you fill in a questionnaire so they can send tailor made products to your doorstep. So you'll get things for whatever your skin and hair types are, as well as things that fall in your personal style. They won't send you classic makeup items if you prefer boho things and so on.

I signed up for a one month trial, and if I like it, I'll get a longer subscription! My first box should arrive somewhere in January. Have you signed up? Please let me know what you thought of it! If you haven't signed up, please click this link!

I'll let you know what is in mine as soon as I know!

Stay beautiful folks!

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Nail art inspiration for new years!

Hello beauties!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, we had various family over the larger part of the day and by the time everyone was gone, it slipped my mind to blog.

I have also been experiencing some difficulties with my Facebook page, and I can't update my status. So you wouldn't have been able to see on FB when I posted here. I'm moderately annoyed. :)

Anyway, how about some glittery nails for new years! These are just to inspire you, none of them are my own work, all I did was Google!! :)

 These are quite cool, and pretty easy to do too. There are two ways of going about getting the netted effect, one : you have a really steady hand with your striping tools, or two : you do this.

1) paint the first colour where you want it, and let it dry.
2) Place a piece of netting over your nail, and holding it tight, paint the second colour over the netting.
3) Remove the netting gently, and bob's your uncle!
4) Topcoat people!! :)

These next green ones would have been awesome for Christmas!

Stay beautiful!

Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas loves

Hello beauties!

Hope your Christmas was wonderful!

Two things stood out for me this year. The first being this video we saw in church yesterday. It's pretty cool!

The second thing was the fact that i secretly bought Jan a second present, and he didn't see it coming! Every year with his birthday and Christmas, he knows what he's getting, simply because he'll start guessing what I got him, and when he guesses right, I can't keep a straight face. So this year, I made sure he knew what he was getting! He even ordered it himself. And then I got my father in law to go buy him a waffle maker, which is something he has wanted for a very long time. His face when he realized there was more than just Battlefield 3 was classic. It made my day.

My hubby got me the bestest present ever, the Urban Decay 15 year anniversary palette, which looks like this. Isn't it wonderful? What ruined this gift however, is the fact that the South African postal services lost it, and I never got to lay my hand on it! But, Jan, I love you for trying! It is an even better gift that you thought of me and tried to get me this awesome palette! And hey, maybe it'll still get here somehow!

Thank you to all my friends and family for the great gifts we got this year. It was awesome!

Congratulations to my cousin Neill and his girlfriend Evette, who got engaged this weekend! And also happy birthday to my wonderful cousin Nikke, who is 9 years old today! Love you to bits!

Stay beautiful!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hello beauties!

My day has been hectic, and that's why I'm only writing this short post to wish you all the happiness and love you can handle and more this festive season. God bless you all!

Stay beautiful!

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Pretty Christmas Lights!

Hello beauties!

Whenever I see one of these pictures, the firefly in my comes to life, and I'm all "Ooooooh, pretty...." And since this is the season to be jolly, I thought 'd share some of these pretty lights pics with you! Some of them are very overdone, and some are just plain crazy, but it made me smile, and I hope it'll do the same for you!

This was my all time favourite one! Don't own a house? Then light-i-fy your car! Only in the USA people!! :)

I've been posting a little less involved articles (if that is even what you call them...) the last few days, because Jan is on leave, and I want to spend more time with him. Next week I may or may not post... I apologize for that, but I want to spend as much time possible with my family and friends. I still love you all though!! :)

Stay beautiful!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Hobbit trailer

Hello beauties!

I am a HUGE Tolkien fan. So much so that I read The Hobbit and the LOTR trilogy on a regular basis, and I can say the dialogue of the movies as if I was actually there. I really love the Lord of the Rings. I even named my rabbit Sam!

I have been watching the progress of The Hobbit movie closely, like all devout fans are doing. Every failure and little occurrence has been noted, and it actually came to the point where I decided I wasn't going to support the movie, and wait for DVD. Why? Simply because they are pretty much changing the storyline. A lot of characters that aren't supposed to be in the Hobbit (as in, they weren't even born when it took place), are going to be in the movie. It has been said in press releases that Bilbo (who is the Hobbit) will be retelling the story to the younger Hobbits, and that's why they will be returning in the new movie. I wasn't convinced.

Then the trailer was released today. Now, I am torn!! Watch for yourselves:

What happens in the Hobbit? Bilbo is a Hobbit of 50 years old (which coincidentally is the same age Frodo is when he leaves on his quest in the Fellowship of the Ring, and not a 20-ish young man as the movies suggest!! ^_^) who gets recruited by Gandalf to be the 13th member of a party of Dwarves, who leave on a journey to get back their gold. The gold being under a roosting dragon, Smaug, who is quite unhappy at them trying to get it back. Bilbo is the 'burglar' to whom the task of retrieving the gold falls. On this journey, Bilbo finds his sword, Sting (and he uses it a time or two!!) and also the one ring. So it is quite important history to the LOTR series that a lot of people don't actually know.

But I've been a little (well, a lot) skeptical about this movie, simply because they are (apparently) combining it with some of the Histories of Middle Earth (which is a series of books on their own), and taking a thin children's book, and splitting it into two movies, which will probably be around 2 hours each. The actual LOTR trilogy are much thicker volumes, and they were only afforded one 3 hour movie each, leaving out a lot of important stuff, like Tom Bombadil, and the scene where Aragorn uses Kingsfoil to heal Faramir and Eowyn. What are they going to use to fill two movies? The first two LOTR movies were pretty true to the books, but in the last volume, they brought in some of their own ideas, like Sam leaving Frodo before entering Shelob's lair. I think Tolkien is turning in his grave because of that! Sam would never leave Frodo, even if he was ordered away.

So help me here. Should I be stubborn and not go see this movie, or should I be a good little fan and go? Do I go see a changed version of the story I love, or do I miss out on what looks like an epic movie. I know what you're thinking... "She's really crazy!" and you'd be right. I am crazy,l and I'm proud of it!! Haha!

Stay beautiful folks!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Last minute gift ideas

Hello beauties!

If you still have no idea what to get someone, and you're getting stressed because time is a' runnin' out, don't stress it! I've got some ideas that could just get you back on track!

If you have a friend or loved one that always spends more on everyone but herself, and never actually gets pampered, why not get her a voucher at a spa, or even just a hairdresser? Before my mom ever went to hairdressers for a haircut (cutting her hair herself, or going to the cheapest option), I sent her to my hairdresser, and paid to get her hair highlighted, cut an styled. Now she can't go a month without it!! Hehe! But it was always something she enjoyed, and felt good about herself afterwards. So I got a few vouchers for friends and family after that too, and it was always a hit. You can also go for the facial option, or getting her nails done too! I would recommend you only give this as a gift to close friends or relatives, as some people could take offense.

Get her some makeup! Yardley has a nice new palette out, called "A Tale of Beauty", which you can buy at Clicks, or online at Yardley's skincare range doesn't test on animals, but their makeup range has a five year roll over policy, which means they use the test results of animal testing after 5 years. I don't personally use Yardley anymore because of this. Clicks also has a nice range of Glam products, that would make an awesome gift to teenagers. If you want to spend a little more, why not go to MAC, or Inglot? The staff there will help you pick great stuff, and it will last forever!

This is actually a male / female gift category, but why not get a book? The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is awesome, and the movie will be out in March, so if they like reading, this is the gift to get them! For lovers of Fantasy, you could get Inheritance, which is the last book of the Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini (the Eregon books for those of you who are lost). You could also go for writers like Trudi Canavan, David Eddings or Terry Pratchett. For those who like suspense and drama, why not get the new John Grisham book, The Litigators, or go with Clive Cussler's Devils Gate. Also try writers like Tom Clancy, Jeffery Archer or Robert Ludlum. I have no idea which new romance novels are out, simply because I don't actually read romance! But you could try Karen Kingsbury or Danielle Steel.

Why not go to Mr. Price Home or other home stores, and get her something nice to put in the house. Girls are always making up things, and their living space is no exception. You can also buy him something to organize his DVD collection in, or for his desk at work.

Handbags, anyone? Get her a nice bag! As I have a handbag fetish, and not a shoe related one like the other half of womanhood, you would really make my day by getting me a nice bag. You can go to almost any clothes store to get these, or luggage shops, or (my favourite) China Mall.

You could also go with perfume (or cologne in your man's Christmas box!!). There are a lot of nice options out there, so you should know the person you are shopping for well. Don't buy perfume for someone else's wife or girlfriend (or hubby / boyfriend)! And also don't buy it if the girl already told you she's not interested. This is something you only get for someone you actually are romantically involved with, or a parent, sister, brother or grandmother. Or a very close friend. It's kind of pushy to get perfume for just anyone!!

If the person is a gamer, get the new Skyrim game, or Battlefield 3. Those are the big games of the season! You could also go with a new Xbox controller, or a PS3 game. Go to your nearest BT Games, or Incredible Connection, and ask the staff there to help you if you have no idea what a Xbox is... :)

Movies or music? Get the Adele CD, or if he's a fan, the Rise Planet of the Apes (I mean, seriously!!) DVD. You can also get the new Spy Kids DVD for your kids!

I hope this helps!

Stay beautiful, and be safe between the marching hordes in the malls!! :)

Monday, 19 December 2011

Quick Christmas table decoration inspiration!

Hello beauties!

Sorry for posting too late, but between being in long ques to register my hubbies car, to finishing some last gift shopping, to seeing friends and family, it has been a hectic day. It's that time of the year!

What are you going to do with your Christmas table this year? I have a Christmas dinner for my friends every year, and I love decorating the table, and giving each guest a little gift. Sadly, this year I didn't feel up to having a big dinner so short after Xena died. So I don't have anything to inspire you with, I just Googled some nice pictures for you!! :) Will post something better tomorrow! :P

Hope you get some inspiration from these!

Stay beautiful!