Tuesday, 23 August 2011

How to tame wild and wacky eyebrows!

Hi everyone!!

Now, wouldn't we all just love having perfect eyebrows like these...

In real life it doesn't work that way though, and we all look different and some of us have really untamed brows! In my family, we all have crazy long eyebrow hair, that literally grows up to 3cm long sometimes!! (Yes, I actually measured one of mine... Yes, I know that is TMI... Yes, I know it's really nerdy!)

So, my tip for taming Gandalf eyebrows is simple, and probably wont even cost you anything!!

What you need :
* An old mascara stick, one that is preferably dry, or a disposable mascara stick
* Some hairspray.
* And a mirror!! :P

All you do is this : after you've filled in your brows, just spritz some hairspray on the mascara stick and run it through your eyebrows. The hairspray will keep the crazy hair in place all day long, and it will also set whatever you filled in your eyebrows with, and make it keep longer.

I have tried filling in my eyebrows with a few things now, and I always come back to eye shadow. Eye pencils tend to have a reflective finish, so when light catches your eyebrow, the pencil tends to look sweaty. If you don't find it happens to you, good for you!

When you use eye shadow to fill in your brows, don't use one with a shimmery or glittery finish, always choose the matte one. Shimmery eye shadow in your brows will also tend to look sweaty as the glitter flecks catch the light.

And last, but not least, if you don't know how to shape your brows, go to a professional. It's not expensive at all, and will only do you good. Shortly after I left high school, someone offered to shape my eyebrows, and had never done it before. I let the person shape my brows, and just kept following the shape since then. Now I have two different eyebrows!! :P The one is more droopy than the other one, the arches don't start at the same place and one is shorter...

If you want to learn how to shape your own eyebrows, and don't want to go to a pro, please watch as many YouTube videos on the subject as you can find to learn how to do it.

Anyway, as always stay beautiful!