Thursday, 25 August 2011

LF Photography

Hi everyone!

I had a pretty busy day, which is why I'm only blogging now! And I only have one hand to type with as my puppy is sleeping on my lap and using my hand as a pillow...

If you don't know about LF Photography, you seriously need to check out there website and blog! The links to both of these are in the links box, somewhere at the right side of the screen. Liani and Franco are dear friends of ours, who also happen to be extremely talented and nice people. Their photos are always really awesome and have a funky edge to them that you don't find often with other photographers. Show some love and support them by following their blog! (You can also see some of their work there, I don't have up to date photos by them!)

I would also like to ask your support here on my blog. Please let your friends and family know about me! And remember that anyone who subscribes before 31 August will stand a chance to win a full set of tips and gel overlay!

Stay beautiful,

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