Friday, 26 August 2011

Things every girl should have in her makeup kit :

Happy Friday everyone!

Today I would like to talk about your personal makeup kit. I know nobody ever told me, "Hey, Yolandie, you should have ... in your makeup box!", and that if they had, it would have made my life easier! Only when I enrolled for my makeup course, did I learn what you need, and what to use some stuff for. Let me tell you, there are some scary makeupy things out there!!

So the first thing you need is a cool, dry place to store your stuff in, no matter if it's a makeup box, bag or drawer, you need it. The simple and obvious reason for this is that if you leave, say your eye shadow, under the open window, through which it is pouring rain onto your makeup, it will be unusable afterwards. Here is a picture of mine, which is really unorganized!!

The second important thing in a makeup kit is, of course, the foundation. You need a shade that matches your skin to a T!! I know a lot of ladies out there test the colour of the foundation on the back of their hands. This is not the way to do it! Because your hands see much more sunlight than your face, most people's hands will be more tan than their necks and faces. This causes the makeup-mask look, because the foundation will be a perfect match for your hand, but too dark on your face. The best way to test the colour of foundation is on the inside of your arm, or if there is a mirror in the store, in your neck. I know a lot of makeup artists have more than one shade of foundation in their personal collections, usually a shade for winter and one for summer, when you are more tan. Also a foundation with SPF to protect the skin during the day, and one without SPF for evenings and special occasions (SPF tends to reflect the light from a camera flash, so it is a big no-no for when you're going to get photographed a lot, like on your Matric dance or wedding!!).

Then, you need either a translucent powder, or a powder foundation that matches your skin tone, and some powder puffs or a large brush to apply it. "Why do you need powder?", you ask. Well, I am here to tell you!! Powder sets the makeup underneath it, and will give it longer staying power. It also helps to keep the skin matte during the day, because it absorbs sweat and moisture. If you have an oily T-zone, or any other oily parts on your face, you can add some extra powder there (this is also a good tip for your wedding, add extra powder under your eyes, as it will help dry your tears of joy!!). My own powder is basically finished, so I took pictures of the stuff in my pro-makeup kit, which I use for clients.

You need something to keep your eyebrows neat. I use two things for this : tweezers and an eyebrow shaver. They look like this :
You should also always have a neutral matte shade eye shadow, to fill in your eyebrows with. This shade should be close to your hair colour. If you prefer using a pencil to fill in your eyebrows, remember to use short strokes when applying the product. I never understood why people fill in their brows, till I actually learned how to makeup! It's simple, your eyebrows frame your face, and filling them in draws more focus to your eyes. Who doesn't want a framed face!! Haha! Please see my post about eyebrows if you have any more questions :

Eye shadow. If you are just staring out with makeup, I would say get some nice neutral shades first, and then get some wild colours as you get more confident applying makeup. The unspoken (well not really, everyone says it quite frequently!) rule in makeup is that for every two shimmery eye shadows you use, you need at least one matte one. There are no rules in makeup, but if you have too much shimmer on your eyes it wont look good either. Shimmer can also look like sweat on photographs, so keep this in mind when applying!! This palette in the photograph is one I ordered from BH Cosmetics in the USA. It ended up costing me about R200 in total (including shipping and customs), which is really inexpensive for makeup. It has 28 neutral shades, and really lasts all day long. They are having a sale over at BH, 35% off everything, so if you are interested, go have a look :

Then you need some eye pencils / liners. The most important shades to have are black (or if you have a lighter skin tone grey), brown and white. The other colours come with time!! White is used to line the waterline of your eye (this is the rim of your eye on the inside. I may do a post about where to apply what on your face if you chicas want it!!), and this helps to make the white of your eye seem whiter, make the eye seem larger and more open. You all know what the black and brown are for!! These are also the liners in my pro kit, because mine are really short and used up!! Remember what I said (wrote!!) earlier about powder setting makeup? Well, it applies to eyeliner too. After you apply the liner (in whatever form, this is a good thing to remember even with liquid eyeliner), take a cotton bud or angled makeup brush, and apply the same colour eye shadow as the liner, on top of where you put the eyeliner. This will set the colour and it will last longer.

Mascara. Before you apply mascara, use an eyelash curler (if you don't have one, you can pick one up really cheap at Beauty value. I think they go for as little as R15.) to curl your lashes. Do this before applying mascara, otherwise your lashes may break off. I know some guru's on YouTube, and other makeup artists first apply mascara and then curl the lashes, but breaking them off is not a chance I plan to take! If you use false lashes, invest in a good eyelash glue. The ones that come with the lashes never work, believe me!! Dischem has a good house brand one that really works, for about R25. They also have some cool lashes, so if you don't know where to get lashes, go to Dischem!! I know a lot of people have started using eyelash conditioner, which is applied like mascara, but I can't comment on this, as I've never tried it!! Will let you know how it is when I do though! The brands mascara featured here are 2 from China Town (the pink one DOES NOT WORK. Don't buy it. The black one was awesome, and I got it for R10!!) and the other one is Maybelline. Of all the brands I have tried in my entire life, Maybelline's mascara still remains the best to me.


You need blush!! I forgot to take pictures of mine, and honestly I'm too lazy to get up and take some now!! You need at least one shade blush, that suits you. If you have a lighter skin tone, go with pinks, if you are medium toned, go with peaches and rusts, if you are darker go with russets and browns. If you prefer bronzer, the only tip I have is son't overdo it. Use an angled blush brush (I use one), a kabuki brush or a large, fluffy, domed brush to apply blush. If you don't know what any of these things are, Google is your friend!! :D

Then you need your favourite lipstick and lip gloss. Some people swear by lip liner. My advice is this, If you don't like it, don't use it. The whole use of lip liner is to help define your lips, correct some imperfections (say if the one side of your lip is fuller than the other) and to help keep your lipstick on longer. I also don't have pictures of this. Sorry. :)

Brushes. If you prefer applying makeup with those little spongy-thingies that usually come with the eye shadow, by all means, use them! But if you want more accurate application of makeup, you need brushes.

I recently bought a professional brush kit, with 31 brushes, but you won't need all those brushes, so I will highlight a few : A large, fluffy dome brush and a medium fluffy dome brush (or a kabuki, or angled blush brush). The large one is used to apply loose powder, and also remove any excess powder from your face. The medium one is for blush.

For eye shadow, you need large, medium and small stiff domed brushes. The large for colour applied to the entire eyelid area, the medium for the part below the crease and the small one for the crease. You can also invest in a blending brush (no picture of this one!!), there are many shapes and sizes of these ones, but they are usually fluffy.

Before I go on, let me explain the terminology here!! :) You get domed (which are obviously dome shaped), angled (which are angled), flat (as the name implies) and pencil (which are tapered to have a point) brushes. There are more shapes, but these are the ones you'll hear about most. Fluffy means the hair on the brush are looser, as inn not packed tightly together. Fluffy brushes pick up less product. Stiff brushes have tightly packed hair, and pick up a lot of product, therefore putting more product on your face. Hope that helped!! Here are the picks of the stiff domed brushes.

Then you'll need an angled brush. This is used mainly to fill in eyebrows and to line your eyelids, though I have heard of many other uses for this brush. I have different sized ones for different uses, but if you have one, you should be OK. That is, until the makeup-bug bites!! Bwahaha!!

 These other brushes are ones used to comb through eyebrows. You can use an old makeup stick and save money in my opinion, but I had to show them to you.

Remember to clean your brushes at least once a week. You can use brush cleaner for this, or just wash the brushes with a little shampoo or Sunlight dish washing liquid. Don't submerge the whole brush in water, just wash the bristles, and let the brushes air dry. If you plan to makeup someone else, wash the brushes before you do!

Lastly, buy some cotton buds and wipes, or makeup wipes / remover, for your kit. You'd be surprised at what you can do with these things! They clean up smudged mascara, makeup fallout and can correct many other mistakes without any trouble.

Hope this really long post didn't bore you to death!!

Stay beautiful and have a great weekend!


  1. You know the scary part?

    I have all this (except for the eyelash curler)...

    and I use it all... even the brushes.

    I think I may have an addiction...


  2. Haha!! That's awesome! Embrace your makeup addiction woman! :)

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