Saturday, 10 September 2011

And so the renovations begin!!

Hi gorgeous people!!

I'm sitting here typing to you feeling utterly and completely terrible. This flu bug just will not let go! Between me and Liani, we have been passing this bug around all Winter, and now it is so strong, it can even move between sms signals... (^_^) While my friend is now feeling better, I am feeling worse. But the show must go on (see me slapping my hand over my forehead dramatically and pretending to cough like in the movies, right before the heroine dies).

Today my wonderful hubby and father in law have started the process of turning the old garage-turned-office, into a sparkly and new Bloomin' Couch Beauty Boutique! The tiling will probably take a while, as we have nowhere to go with the furniture down there, so they will tile a part of the floor, let it dry, move the furniture over onto the tiles, and tile the next section. But I will keep you up to date on how it progresses. Here are some pictures of the hard work going on:

  The room that will become my salon. I know it looks madly disorganized at the moment, but it is going to be spectacular when it is done!!

These are my grey tiles. I chose grey because it will fit in perfectly with my colour scheme. I am very excited about how it is going to look. About six rows have been tiled to this point, and it looks great. The deep burgundy and turquoise (which is the colour scheme) is going to spark life to this room!! later we will paint the walls as well, but we have a million things to do before we get to that.

 The tilers at work. Even my baby girl put in a paw...

I hope you all come and see my little corner when it is complete. Please comment if you have ideas or suggestions about decor and such.

Stay beautiful!!


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  1. I hope you are keeping the blog's logo... I think it'll fit amazingly!