Friday, 16 September 2011

The different ways of applying foundation

Hi beautiful people!

Applying foundation is the most important step in makeup. Why? Because it is what makes the skin appear flawless and also provides a clean canvas for the rest of the makeup. So it is important to get the applying of foundation right, before we step up to the rest of the face. But there are so many ways to apply it!

In this post, I will be going through the pros and cons of different ways of applying foundation.

Firstly, using your hands. This is the method most women use, as it costs absolutely nothing, and it is easy! The pros of using your hands include :

* The heat of your skin heats up the product, and causes it to blend more easily into your skin. This can create a smoother finish.
* You don't have any extra expenses using this method.
* Minimum product is wasted.
* You can get into all the hard to reach places with your fingers.

The cons are this :

* If your hands are not clean before you apply your foundation, it can cause you to break out.
* Your hands need to be washed when you're done.

Try doing it this way : instead of  making dabs of foundation all over your face and then just blending them, finish applying it in one section, before you move on to the next. Some foundation formulas dry faster than others, so if you dab dots onto your face, you need to work really quickly before they dry, and this can cause a streaky appearance.

Secondly, the makeup sponge. You all know what they look like, the little white wedges we buy at beauty stores.

Pros :

* It is really sanitary (if you use a new one each time. They can be washed, or cut into smaller pieces.).
* If used correctly, it can give a very "airbrushed" finish.

Cons :

* It costs about R18- R20 for a bag of four (depending on where you buy).
* It absorbs a lot of product.
* Can't get into hard to reach places easily.
* You can only use one so long before you have to throw it away.
* It can cause a streaky finish.
* Some people don't like the feel of the sponge on their skins.

Try using it this way : Wet the sponge and squeeze the excess water from it, before use. The fact that it is wet makes it less absorbent, and you save some foundation that way. But even wet, it still uses close to three times the amount of foundation you would have used when applying with your hands, or a brush. Don't pour foundation directly onto the sponge, rather dab some on the back of your hand and use it from there. That way you are once again sparing some product, and you are also getting the benefit of the product being slightly warmed by your skin, and it will blend more easily.

Then lastly, foundation brushes. This is the method I prefer to use personally, and on clients, depending on the type of foundation I use. There are different types of foundation brushes, the large, flat, domed brush and the stippling brush. I don't own the latter, but I use a kabuki brush instead. Kabuki brushes were used by kabuki artists to buff powder into the actors' skin, but I figured it would be worth trying with my foundation. I found it works great, giving the smoothest finish and best coverage, without wasting product. But I am getting ahead of myself here!!

Pros :

* It is very sanitary (if your brush is washed after every use).
* Wastes minimum product.
* Applies very quickly.
* Gives an "airbrushed" finish.
* Can get into all the hard to reach places.
* Is easy to clean.
* It will last you forever if you take care of it!!

Cons :

* It is a little bit more expensive, you can get a kabuki for about R60-R80, and foundation brushes go for about the same price, except I know there are brushes at Beauty Value for around R30.
* If not cleaned, it can cause you to break out.

Try using it this way : Dab some of the foundation on the back of your hand, and pick it up there with the brush. As I said earlier, this will warm the product, and increase its blending ability. work in shorter strokes, as this will reduce the chances of streaking. I have never had any problem with my kabuki brush making streaks, though my foundation brush tends to make streaks as it gets drier.

I hope this helped you guys!

Have a great weekend, and stay beautiful!!

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