Monday, 12 September 2011

How to clean your makeup brushes

Good morning beautiful people!!

I hope you all had a great weekend, and supported the Bokke, even though they barely won!!

Today is all about cleaning those makeup brushes!

I decided to do this post a few weeks ago, and because I wanted to show you why you should clean your brushes at least once a week, I haven't cleaned mine (except for my foundation brush, because that is just too gross) for two weeks. You won't believe how much junk stays behind in your brushes, and you keep putting this back onto your face! You can actually break out because of this as well. Would you wear the same socks every day, without cleaning them? Probably not (except in some male-cases!! :P), because you would be putting your clean feet into dirty socks, and that is defying the point. It is the same with your makeup applicators!! Here are some pics of my brushes before cleaning :

You can see, they are pretty dirty!! I learned this from my grandparents, who were great artists, and I continued to use this cleaning method with my own art brushes. All you need is some dish washing liquid and a little plain old hair conditioner (I have heard that some people use olive- or coconut oil instead of the conditioner). If you have synthetic brushes, you don't need the conditioner. I use the conditioner to keep my natural hair brushes (as in everything that comes from animals) in prime condition, because we don't want to strip the natural hair of it's natural oils, as this would shorten the life of a brush dramatically (and if you paid a small fortune for a sable hair brush, this is really unwanted!!!).

You need about this much :

Gently rub the brush into the dish washing liquid first, and then the conditioner. You can use lukewarm water to rinse your brushes. I lay my kabuki brush flat to dry, and I just turn it every now and then, as I remember. But a lot of people hang the brushes upside down to dry, as this helps to keep its shape.

If you prefer using brush cleaner, this is how to do it :

You need about two sheets of paper towels, and your brush cleaner. I use this one that I got while doing my makeup course. Simply spritz some of the cleaner onto your brush, and gently wipe it clean on the paper towel.

As you can see, the brush leaves A LOT of dirt behind. This is my black eye makeup brush, and black and other dark colours tends to leave a lot more residue than other colours. Here is what the paper towel looked like after all my brushes were cleaned :

Lovely, isn't it? This is a bit more dramatic than it usually looks!! I make a point of cleaning my personal brushes at least twice a week, and my professional ones are cleaned immediately after my last client, to insure that I don't pass on germs between people. I clean my personal foundation brush (I use my kabuki for this purpose) immediately after I applied my makeup. I just lay my brushes flat to dry. To clean the brush holder, I use surgical spirits. I use the Dischem brand, and I think I got this big size one for about R19.00, so it is not expensive at all.

I just wet the cotton pad in surgical spirits, and wipe the entire holder clean with it. The after results are scary!! I use the dish washing liquid, brush cleaner and surgical spirits, because they kill germs while they clean. This is very important if you plan on doing someone else's makeup!! 

Here are the clean brushes : 

Much better right?

Hope you guys enjoyed this! Stay beautiful, as always!

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