Thursday, 8 September 2011

How to lighten dark marks on the skin

Hi everyone!!

I don't know if any of you have ever struggled with dark patches on your skin, but I have! After every Winter, no matter how much I moisturize, my elbows become darker. This apparently happens because of lint residue on the skin. Now, I love wearing dark colours, especially black, and this didn't help the situation. This year I tried something new!

During the Winter I exfoliated my elbows with Dischem's Vitamin E face scrub (which sells for about R30) and then I moisturized them with Woolworth's Vanilla deeply nourishing body butter. This seemed to do the trick for me.

But of course, I have a home remedy for you! This apparently helps for any dark spots on the skin, including knees and underarms. And as we are entering Spring, the season to go sleeveless, I think it's good to know how to keep sexy underarms!!

You can make your own exfoliator (and this works, I got the tip from a subscriber) using Baby oil and sugar. A lot of people use olive or avo oil instead. This is great for all over the skin use! I have also heard that coarsely chopped walnuts mixed with plain yogurt works well for dry skin.

Another awesome exfoliator is bicarbonate of soda! I THINK they call this baking soda overseas, but I can be wrong. All you do is mix a tablespoon of the soda with a little water, until it forms a thick-ish paste, and exfoliate away! Bicarbonate of soda is also an odor repellent, so this would work great for your underarms! You must have heard somewhere before to put a small container with bicarbonate of soda in your fridge to take the smells out!

Now for the lightening step : natures bleach, lemon juice. You simply take a slice of lemon (or lime), place it on the area you want to lighten, and rub gently so the juice will come off. Leave the juice on for about 20 minutes, and wash off with lukewarm water and soap. You need to do this everyday for about ten days before you will see some results, but it does work.

The last step is moisturizing! I found an awesome product, well, actually my mother in law found it. I have no idea where you can buy this, but if you find it, let me know! It is called Groves body milk spray, and it contains olive oil and milk. You spray it on and rub it into your skin, and it works marvelously! It has a very soft scent, and I love it. But you can use this recipe instead : 1 teaspoon honey, 1 tablespoon olive oil and 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Just mix the ingredients together into a cream, and apply it like you would any moisturizer. This will keep in the fridge for a few days.

Here's to clear and healthy skin!

Stay beautiful!

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  1. When you finally find a product/diy thing that actually works on facial brown spots, let me know...

    (Unfortunately every product promises the world and give ...., yeah, family-friendly-blog.)