Thursday, 15 September 2011

How to make your hair grow faster!

Good morning everyone!

Who doesn't want long, lustrous hair? Today I'm going to share some tips with you on how to make your hair grow thicker and stronger, and it really works.

Natural tips and home remedies are this :

* Drink a lot of water
* Eat a lot of proteins, as your hair is made of protein and this will accelerate growth
* Have your ends trimmed once every 5-6 weeks. Your split ends can actually keep on splitting to the roots if it isn't trimmed regularly. I know it feels kind of redundant to be cutting the hair you want to grow out, but it does really help.
* Get enough sleep. This is a beauty tip (along with drinking water) that helps with everything, from acne to hair growth! Our hair grows while we rest, so enough resting will help it grow!! Haha!

I also found a few DIY recipes. I don't know if you'll like, or try them, but here they are!!

* Rinse your hair in the water left from boiling potatoes...
* Chop up an onion, and put the bits into your shampoo. Leave it for 15 days, and then use as normal.
* Mix an egg, a little bit of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of honey together. Massage the mixture into your scalp, and cover it with a towel for about 30 min, before rinsing it off and washing it.

There are other (crazy) home remedies here.

What I use is more simple, and it is proven to work. I know of someone who spritzed this mixture onto their balding patches, and new hair actually grew out! Also, in some cultures, babies hair gets shaven off a few times to make it grow out thicker. With the birth of both my beautiful little cousins, my aunt put this stuff in their baby shampoo, and they had the thickest heads of hair ever seen on a baby, minus the shaving!

It is as simple as this : all you need it to get over to your local pharmacy and lay your hands on a bottle of placenta for hair (they go for anything from R22.00 to R40.00, depending on the brand, and they are usually orange in colour and come in a spray bottle) and Bergamotessens, which you can get between the Lennons stuff.

Bergamotessens is an oil product, and sells for about R18.00. It works wonders! This is how it looks :

Now what you do is simple, wash your hair as normal, and spritz a fair amount of the placenta on your hair, to make space in the bottle for the Bergamotessens (and, yes, that is how it is spelled in English and Afrikaans!! From this point known as "B"), and then mix half of the bottle of B (which should be a 20ml bottle) into the placenta (if by some miracle, you could lay your hands on a 10ml bottle of B, which has not been seen by any of my clan for many moons, pour the whole bottle in!!)

You should be left with this :

The placenta and B will mix at first, and then separate so you can see the oily Bergamotessens on top of the placenta.

How do you use this? Simple. You just shake the bottle and spray the mixture onto your hair after washing, and massage it in a little bit. This will also help de-frizz your hair a bit, and give it more shine. Put the other half bottle of B away for your next bottle of placenta.

I wash my hair every second day, and I spray this on after every wash. The bottle lasts me about two to three months, so it is very economical. This obviously depends on how much hair you have!

If you know me, you would know I am a very stingy bargain hunter (I blame it on the Scottish blood!!), I don't like spending too much money on expensive hair and beauty treatments! And I can honestly tell you that this is a very inexpensive treatment, that really works. I have tried different brands of the placenta as well, and all of them work exactly the same. The one featured in this post is Clicks' home brand and works just the same as its more expensive brand name counterparts (I used to use Kair's one).

I hope this post inspired you to try this out, and please let me know if you find anything else that works as well, even if it is onion in your shampoo!! ^_^

Stay beautiful!

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  1. I have one (the only one who ever worked for me):

    Growth hormone

    in other words


    Lol! Sorry, I had to! I have tried everything else, and yet only Gino could make it happen!