Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Matchy Makeup

Hi everyone!

Today I want to talk about a HUGE trend in makeup at the moment, having makeup that matches your clothes, nails or lips and eyes matching etc.

This is a really easy trend to follow! You can achieve it by simply using the same blush on your eyes as you used on your cheeks, and applying a similar shade lipstick. You can also take the shade of your dress and simply line your eyes with it. Applying the same shade nail polish is also in. Some extremists actually match the whole lot!

Here are some examples :


In the above two pictures you can see the other big trend, full eyebrows. I have blogged about this before, you can check it out here. I don;t very much like the pink eyes and lips on the pale face though. Also, the second and next pictures are from UK makeup artist Lisa Eldridge. You really should check out her YouTube and subscribe, she has some awesome tutorials. You can see her website here.

This really is a big trend for Fall / Winter 2011 (which will probably be in next year here in South Africa too) and anyone can wear it. (Images from Google)

While I can live with nail varnish and lipstick matching, and I'll probably apply matching makeup on a client if she asked me to, I'm not so in love with this trend. Maybe I'm too free spirited! I like having pink eye shadow and wearing blue nails polish with a green top! (Haha, I don't own a green top...) What are your thoughts?

Stay beautiful!


  1. Ooh scary, hehe. I like the nude colours but not the really bright colours. However, I did use a bright turqoise liner on my lid once and the same shade of nail polish. Maybe that counts?

  2. I have done it before... but that is just because mostly I use nude-pinkish colors on my eyes anyways, and blush tend to be that color, and I haven't done a dark lip in years....

    Oh ^%$^ it, it seems I am following this trend every day anyway since my nails are always french manicured as well.... !?!

    Thanks, Faith, you just opened my eyes! :-S