Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Special Day!

Hi beautiful people!!

Today is a very special day for me! It's my wedding anniversary!!

Today, three years ago, it seems that my life started. As I walked down the isle in a big white dress, the one I will love for the rest of my life stood smiling by the pulpit. His face at that moment will be in my heart forever. He is everything I ever wanted and much, much more. I can only thank God for blessing me with him every day.

Jan, you truly are my perfect match, and soul mate. You are my very best friend and companion. Waking up next to you is amazing, and I treasure every moment we have together. You inspire me and I am endlessly proud of you. I love you, always.

Ok, so now that the mushy is out of the way, let me introduce you to something new.

At the expo, a lot of people were walking around with temporary lip tattoos. Now, I had seen this before, on some of the blogs and YouTube channels I follow, and I was interested to know more. There was a Violent Lips stall at the expo, and my lovely friend Liani, from LF Photography (which if you haven't checked out, you are really behind the time!! Please click this link to their blog), stopped and bought some Violent Lips. :) She then gave me one to try out, bless her soul.

You can check out Violent Lips here. There you can see some of the patterns you can get. They work out about R40.00 each in South Africa, though I couldn't see any links to South African shops. You can maybe try the Facebook page for some info on stores in your area, though I have not checked there.

I was excited and followed the instructions to a T. But, o horror, I HATED it!!

Firstly, it feels very weird. Not the weird feeling you get when applying false lashes for the first time (you know, fluttering your eyes all the time - don't pretend you haven't done it!! - , and after a while you are used to it.). No, it was much different! It kind of feels like cling wrap on your mouth.

Secondly, it is really dry, and looks (in the words of my father in law) like "Old people's skin". No amount of smoothing out the wrinkles (as the instructions say) can remove all the wrinkles.

And thirdly, it is uncomfortable to talk (and eat and drink) with. And I like talking. A lot.

I can give you no time indication regarding how long it lasts, because all I could think about was getting it off. I had it on for about 20 minutes before I snapped and removed it. Here is how it looked :

You can actually see the redness around the edges of my mouth that was because of the dryness. I have really big lips, and I don't like drawing attention to them (because then the Angelina Jolie jokes usually start), so I probably wouldn't get these tattoos anyway. You can see the wrinkles on my lips as well. 

I used about as much makeup remover as I would have used to clean my whole face, just to get them off. I didn't have baby oil to take them off with, as the instructions state, so maybe baby oil takes it off easier. I may have made a mistake in the application of them, but I did follow the instructions all the way to timing the setting times, so I can't be sure.

Anyway, please let me know if you have tried these, and if you had a different experience. I would really like to hear from you!!

Stay beautiful, and lots of love (and kisses),


  1. Okay, I've done the tatooed eyeliner and lip liner (the for real, permanent stuff) and the lip liner didn't reallly take to my skin....

    The full lip.... whether real or just temporary... idk..... Can't see myself trying it. (But I am glad you did - so now I don't have to! Lol!)

  2. PS. Happy belated anniversary.....! Mwah!