Monday, 19 September 2011

Spring / Summer 2011 Makeup Trends

Hi beautiful people!!

So, as we are on the other side of the world, where the heat is slowly turning up, I'm going to recap some of the makeup trends that are going to be in this season. All of the images come from Google!!

First up, full eyebrows are in. I used to have a pair of these, but years of tweezing eliminated mine!! And this trend is continuing into Autumn / Winter 2012, so if you have some, keep them!! Haha!!

Then we have the Dior bright eye makeup, with a pin-up feel to it.

I don't know if you'll see me rocking this look in the streets, but maybe it's more wearable in more muted colours, or you could always try this as a smokey eye, which is always in.

Always in fashion is the red lip, paired with very muted and natural makeup.


All you need for this look is perfect foundation, a bit of eyeliner and mascara, and a red lipstick that goes with your skin tone. Anyone could pull off this look!

Another lip trend is very bright lipstick in orange, pink and reds (I have also seen some blue and purple lipsticks for this look, but I doubt any of you would wear blue lips!! Then again, maybe some of my crazy family would... Hmmm... :P).

This look is paired off with natural looking makeup again, because it would simply be too much to take in if otherwise. You want to pull the attention to what's going on with your lips, not look like a circus act on the way to the stage!! ^_^

Next, the ever popular smokey eye. Metallic smokey eyes are in, as well as deep browns. This look is completed with nude lips and glowing skin. The same goes for heavy eye makeup as for the lips above, you want the focus to be on the eyes. The look would be overpowering with too much lipstick and blush. Don't get me wrong, there are those souls in the planet who could pull off heavy looks like that, and they are known as Katy Perry, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, and Lady Gaga. :P


The last big trend is very natural makeup. Just foundation, eyeliner and mascara, in some cases light pink blush for that glowing complexion, and nude to light pink / peach lips.

Now that you have inspiration, go makeup!! :D Please let me know which of these looks you would, of wouldn't wear, and how it turned out.

Stay beautiful!!


  1. I think I'd try the Dior Pin-up look (sexy :D ) and definitely gonna try the red lippie...just got to get my nerves up for it! LOL :) Great post!

  2. Thanx Angelique!! If only I had the confidence to wear red lipstick... Unfortunately, the size of my lips makes me feel so self conscious when I do! It feels like I am a pair of lips loose on the streets!! Hehe!!

  3. I like the natural trend most..... but the smokey eye is something I love to do when I have the time...