Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wednesday review : Konad Nail Stamping kit

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I bought my Konad nail stamping kit at the Pro Beauty Expo last month, and I love it! It is really simple to use, and lasts pretty long. The nail polish is the FASTEST DRYING stuff I have ever seen in my life! Which is a good thing with me, as I have no patience to wait for wet nails to dry.

The kit includes a stamp plate, a scraper, a rubber stamp and 2 coloured and 1 top coat nail polish. I bought the plate holder too. The whole kit and holder cost me R300.00, though this could have been a show special. Here is what it looks like :

Each plate has 7 unique designs on, and there are heaps of different ones to choose from. I think Konad sells loose plates for around R100.00 each. They are available in South Africa, I just lost the web address. Sorry!! I have no idea what the nail varnish sells for, and the only downside to it is the size, they are really small and only contains 5ml of product.

It is as simple as putting some nail polish onto the design you like, scraping off the excess with the scraper tool, firmly rolling the rubber stamp over the design and rolling it onto your nail. It is instantly dry, and looks really cool!

You can check out Konad's website for prices etc. I really loved this, and I also have two more plates, not photographed here, that I got afterward. I got the other two plates at, wait for it, China Mall! It works exactly the same, and I got it in a kit for R25.00 including 6 shades of nail polish. Obviously the nail polish are rubbish, but the plates work like a dream, exactly the same as their more expensive counterparts (and Konad is made in Korea, so they come from roundabout the same place anyway!! ^_^). So if you are not sure about this, buy the cheap ones first, and if you like it, you can always go on to the Konad ones.

It should work with any thick nail polish, according to the sales lady at the Expo. I have found this to be true. It doesn't pick up designs from thinner polishes at all.

The great thing about Konad is that it can be used on any nail surface and finish, including on top of gel and acrylic nails. The great part about this is that the design isn't caught underneath the gel, so if you get tired of it, you can remove it and put a new design on, where stick on nail art has to be soaked off.

I hope this review gave some insight to the product!!

I hoped this review helped and inspired you to get stamping!!

Stay beautiful!

Just an edit, I found the South African website again, along with price lists check it out here


  1. This looks fabulous! I've seen tutorials on nail stamps and I'm definitely thinking of getting myself some. :D

  2. I really like it too! It's so much more fun than sticking a sticker. It did take a few tries before I got it right though, but once you get the idea it's easy. Happy stamping!

  3. Interresting.....

    I'd look into it when my cashflow is more, well, existent, since my studies at this point comes first.... Looks like a lot of fun, and so easy!!