Friday, 2 September 2011

Weird Shoes

Good morning beautiful people!!

I was going to write about something entirely different today, but then I got this email from a friend showing the weirdest shoes I've ever seen, by Israeli designer Kobi Levi.

Here are the shoes :

Would you ever??? I am unlike most women in that I don't have a shoe fetish. I do go slightly bonkers at the sight of a nice handbag though. My hubby will be the first to tell you that I honestly spend way too much on handbags. In fact, he'll tell you so in a most urgent way...

So I don't get why ladies go crazy for shoes. A friend once told me that while clothes don't always fit, shoes always do, and that is why she loves buying shoes. But still, I beg of all you shoe crazed maniacs out there, to please explain to me why anyone would wear shoes with hair and a microphone??? Please comment below!

Maybe I should step lightly here before someone steps all over me!!

Stay beautiful, and have an awesome weekend!!


  1. I think a man designed these shoes. Banana-peel looking shoes?? Hopefully no bride would come near them. I don't go crazy shoeshopping either, I do appreciate a delicate looking shoe to round off an outfit though. Can just imagine what the outfits would look like for the range you brought under our attention.!!!!