Monday, 31 October 2011

Flo Atomizer

Good morning beauties!

After Friday's heavy topic, it's on to butterflies and bubbles once more, or so to speak anyway. I am going to run a poll question about the animal testing this week, so please answer the question and let me know your views on it. I want to thank everyone for the response I got on the topic. You are all awesome and compassionate people!!

Have you seen this awesome gadget?

They are called purse atomizers, and what they do is store some of your favorite perfume in travel size container. You can take this with you in your purse, and touch up your scent through the day. It's got a little piece on the bottom where you attach your perfume bottle's nozzle, and the you pump the perfume into the atomizer, without any product being wasted. There's a million videos on YouTube that will show you better than I can explain it.

I have no idea if these little guys are available in South Africa, but you can buy them online if you want one :
If you know where in SA to find them, please let me know, and if you own one, share with the rest of us what you think about it!

I think it'll make great gifts, and we all know that time of year is upon us!

Speaking of Christmas, I'll be doing a series of ideas for gifts throughout November, just to get you all started on your gift shopping. I promise you that it will save you tons of time stressing if you start getting your loved ones nice gifts now, and not wait until the very last moment!! :)

Stay beautiful!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Cosmetics and testing on animals

Hello everyone,

I'm writing to you today in a very disturbed mindset. I saw a picture on Liani's Facebook this week that just scared me out of my wits. I am a makeup artist and I did not even realize the incredible amount of cruelty going on in my line of work. I thought animal testing was banned a long time ago, but I was really very wrong.

Let me start off by saying this : I love animals, but my heart strings play a special tune for dogs and rabbits. I had my very own bunny baby before I even got engaged. His name was Sam, as in Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the rings. I loved my little boy to bits! But sadly had to find him a good home when we got married, because we couldn't find a ground unit home, and it would have been cruel to keep him "in the air" if I can out it that way. Here is a pic :

I could never imagine hurting this little fellow, or any other animal, ever. But some companies do on a daily basis. Countless amounts of animals suffer so we can have the perfect shade of hair dye or whatever, and I never really gave any thought to how bad the suffering was, and I don't think you realize either.

Would you force your dog to drink shampoo? Would you inject chemicals into his eye? Would you force your cat to inhale chemicals, or rub it into his fur? No? Then you should see this (please note now that these images are probably going to upset you. At least, they should.) :

There are hundreds of other images online, some of them much more gruesome than the ones I chose to put here. Yes, those are cats in the second to last picture. I also always thought scientists only test on lab rats, but apparently I was wrong. See the expressions on the rabbit's faces in the third picture? Who would do this? L'Oreal would. Maybelline would. Vaseline, Redken, Sunsilk, Elizabeth Arden and Lancome. More brands than you can imagine.

My bubble of ignorance was popped this week, the same week in which I gushed about Maybelline foundation and Avon's creams. I think maybe we don't want to know what happens out there in the world, especially when it hits close to home. All these years, I have been a devout supporter of torturing and killing animals, because I was too stupid to realize what cosmetic (and other) companies do to make sure their products don't hurt us. But now it stops.

Here is a list of companies that do test on animals, and some that don't.

You can also check out this website for a more updated and comprehensive list of companies that test on animals : and I really hope you click this link.

Companies like Rimmel and Johnson and Johnson's are kind of in the dark on this subject. There are sites that say the don't test and some that say they do. Until there is some clarity on this, I won't support them either. Inglot is a cruelty free company, which I am incredibly happy about, since I gushed about them too this week.

Weird how in Europe it was banned quite a while ago to test on animals, and then later products that did it anyway, were banned from the market. Yet all the big brands continue to endorse animal cruelty. I don't get it. How do you live with yourself after injecting stuff into a bunny's eye. Something has to break inside a persons head to be able to do that. No wonder all these activists are always freeing the animals from testing facilities!

I really hope you guys will join the fight against animal cruelty, and unlike me, do your homework about a company before you just buy it. I won't buy a product again before I know if they test on animals, and if I find a company that does or doesn't, I'll be sure to let you know.

I want to end with this, how many times a day do we hear the slogan "Because you're worth it"? We see it on billboards and in magazines and in internet ads. It is constantly on our TV's and radios. All I kept thinking while doing the research for this post was that we aren't wort it. Those innocent animals don't deserve to be slaughtered so we can look good. I would rather never wear makeup again!

Are we really worth it?

EDIT : just an update on this, you can also find a great list of places that do and don't test on animals here :

But you'll notice that some of the companies feature in opposing sides on different lists. If you are unsure, Google the specific company and their testing methods, and you'll have an answer quickly. If it is made in Europe, it probably is safe.

My friend Angelique over at Sexy at Midnight also did a great post about this topic today, and Liani did too. Please go check out their blogs as well.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

October Beauty Buys

Good morning beauties!!

I thought it would be a good idea to show you the beauty stuff I bought during the month, since I got such cool stuff!! If you like, I'll do this near the end of each month, then you can get ideas of what stuff to try and not to try.

I'll just warn you here that there are a lot of pictures...

First off, I got some nail polish :

The first two I got from Clicks on a special for R15.00 each. They are both really nice colours, and I love the fine glitter in the topcoat. They last really well too, so it wasn't a bad buy. The bottom two come from China Mall (which may be my favorite place to shop at the moment!!) and I got them for R10.00 each. The both work really nicely as well, though they aren't as thick as the essence ones. The purple base in the glitter applies almost transparent, you don't really get purple with it at all, so it works well as a top coat too. And the glitters are different sizes, so it adds a little dimension. The mother of pearl one will work great with a french mani!

 I got this eyeliner at China Mall for R14.00. It works fabulously! It has a tip like a felt tip pen, and you can actually draw different lines with it by just altering the pressure of your hand. These type liners have been everywhere lately, but because I'm not a big fan of liquid liners, I didn't want to buy a brand name one and not use it. The only thing this one is not is waterproof, despite the fact that it claims to be on the packaging. But that really doesn't faze me!!

It applies really easily, no fuss, and you can get into the little corners of the eyes with no problem. I also don't smear as much with this as I do with liquid liner, but that is only my experience. 
 You can always try it and let me know what you think!!

Then I got this Makeup Forever cream eye shadow for the Salon from Metropolitain cosmetics in Sandton. This is waterproof and very long lasting, but is is on the expensive side. Makeup forever is a huge brand in the UK and US, so obviously it comes with a price tag here in sunny South Africa! But it is awesome makeup for clients.

With the flash on, you can't really see the incredible shimmer and lovely silvery colour of this product. I tried to take a pic without the flash, but it still doesn't do justice to the colour. You'll have to book a makeup session with me to appreciate this product! It applies really smoothly and the colour really lasts a very long time. Seeing that metallic is in, this was a great buy!

I got this perfume from China Mall. It is oil based so it lasts forever!! The scent really doesn't fade during the day! This one smells like Hypnotic Poison, and this particular size sells for R80.00. I have been using mine non stop since the beginning of the month, and it still has plenty of product in.
The guys that sell this are Egyptian, and bring the perfumes into the country from Egypt, which has been known for its scented oils since the Pharaohs, which is a long time!!

They come in many different sizes and scents, so chances are you'll find your favorite one there!!

  I got me some makeup brushes! The one from Inglot was originally destined for the salon, but then, one fateful day, I decided to try it, and that was that. It now has a happy little spot in my personal brush collection, and I will not give it up. EVER....

Anyway, it is called a crease or pencil brush, and you use it to apply colour to your crease. Don't know what I'm talking about? Check out this post of mine.

The other brush I got with an Avon order for, get this, R5.00! They had on a massive Christmas sale, and this brush was part of the savings. It has a smokifier end and a small domed end. I'm not so crazy about this brush, because the bristles are kind of hard and it's tapered to a weird angle, but heck, it was R5.00!!

I'm also not a huge fan of the smokifier end, because I can use my new pencil brush for the same thing, and it has better results.

 The smokifier (that is the third time I've typed a word that I'm not even sure exists... I think I'm slipping...) is basically a rubber-ish / sponge-y piece, similar to a makeup sponge, but denser, that is used to smoke out liner or eye shadow. It can be used wet or dry.

I'm now going to proceed to rant about my new favorite makeup brand in the world, so you have had fair warning!! Inglot is a marvelous place!! It's a Polish brand and compares to the best brands in the industry. Some folks have even given up MAC for Inglot. The colours are extremely pigmented, long lasting, and can be used wet or dry. This is probably going to be the makeup brand of choice in my little Salon.

First up, I got this face primer. It is applied to the face first, before the rest of the makeup, to make the makeup last longer and better. This is really affordable for everyone, if you are a makeup artist or not. It retails for R100.00. The product is really smooth and works incredibly!

I have some on my hand above here, but it didn't show up very well. Sorry about that! It is transparent and hes the density of Vaseline. It subtly moisturizes the skin, and I think this is going to work really well on girls with drier skin, but for me, who has oily skin, it works like a charm too!

Foundation sticks to it beautifully, and really does last longer. You basically just apply a very small amount of it to your face like you would cream. But you just need a drop of it, a little goes a long way with this product.

I got me some brush cleaner while I was over there too. You all know what brush cleaner is, So I won't go into that!
I got this lovely palette from Inglot too. This is part of their freedom system, where you pick the colours that will be in your palette. They have many different shapes and sizes palettes, and I went for the magnetized one, because they can stack, and takes up less space in my kit. I have two matte colours here, and three shimmery ones. I'm sorry that I don't have their numbers for you, I'm too lazy to get them out of the case and write them down!!

There are more colours to choose from than you can imagine! I just got these more neutral ones to try out first, and because (as I've mentioned before) metallic's are really in at the moment. These colours are incredibly pigmented and apply like a dream. They can also be applied wet, which brings out the pigment and shimmer even more.

When applying wet, DON'T wet the product directly, rather spray a little water on the brush, so it is damp (not dripping wet!), and pick up the product with the damp brush.
 Here is a swatch of the Inglot palette. Isn't that just beautiful!! I'm so in love with this makeup! And the sad part is, all the stuff I got from Inglot is for the Salon. So it is technically yours, and not mine at all. Sighs...

Here are some close up shots:

Then I got these creams from Avon on the special I mentioned earlier. I ordered the day cream too, but due to the special price, they ran out of stock, which sucks, because I HATE using different night / day creams together. With the rest of my face care I really don't mind mixing and matching, but I really don't like mixing up the creams!! Anyway, enough moaning. I love the Ageless Results range from Avon. The creams are rich and smell lovely, and the eye cream is one of those things I can't be without. I have been using it for years now, and I love it.

These retail for around R160.00 each, I usually get them on special for around R120.00 / R110.00, but this time they sold for, are you ready for this??, R30.00 each!! see what I mean with HUGE sale? That is why the day cream got sold out so quickly, because out there in the world are women who only use day cream, and not the night cream with it. (shakes head sadly) Well, it probably is better than those women who don't use any cream at all... :)

Then my bestie (too much Big Bang Theory!! Who doesn't love Amy?) Liani, cleaned out her makeup kit, and gave me all these goodies! Don't you love good friends and makeup? :D Love ya buddy!!

Lastly, I got this great special effects kit from none other than Hollywood Costumes in Krugersdorp. Did I have a blast "burning" my hand!! You really do have to come visit me on the couch and experience some "wounding"!!

I also got a whole range of foot care things for the salon, but I was too lazy (again) to get up and go take pictures. But know your feet will be pampered if you come for a pedi. I just have to mention my bright pink nail clipper! How I love that!!

Now, I hear you saying : "But Yolandie, the month still has 5 days to go! You can't honestly tell me you won't buy some more cosmetics!!". This may be true, young padawan, but do not fear, I'll post the rest next month!! :D

Please let me know what cosmetics you buy or have bought, and what you thought about it. Maybe you can help me buy cool things too!! And you know I love hearing from you!

Stay beautiful!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wednesday Review - Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Hi beautiful people!

Today's review is all about Maybelline's Fit me foundation. I first heard about the products from a dvd that was included in a few months back's Glamour magazine. I decided to try it out, since the makeup artist in the dvd was really positive about it.

Here is what it looks like :

I'm shade 220, and I have to say, it really does fit me perfectly. The product does have SPF 18, and does pick up on a camera flash slightly, but not so much that you would really notice. That is my only complaint about the product.

It contains 30ml of foundation, comes in more shades than you could imagine, and retails for around R120.00, depending on where you buy it. I have been using mine for just under two months now, and it still has a lot of product in it. I have also found that it lasts really well in the hectic heat wave we are having in Jozi right now. It gives good coverage without being too thick, it blends well and it doesn't dry out the skin like some foundations tend to do. It also doesn't leave the skin feeling oily. All around, I am impressed.

Here is how it looks like on me.

Me, on the internet, wearing only foundation on my face, pulling faces. Sighs.

I think this is great value for money, and a really nice product overall. You can't go wrong!

Stay beautiful!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Stick on nail polish

Good morning everyone!

I have been up to some things for the salon, and I can safely say it will include soap. "What the what?" you ask. Stay alert, and it will be posted somewhere on the blog in the next while.

But on to today's topic, stick on nail polish. This has been a huge trend for a while now, because you can get effects and patterns with this, that you can't get through plain ol' nail art. It isn't even that expensive, you can get it at some places for around R30.00 per set.

Here are some examples :

The above one is from Sally Hansen's collection, and is apparently the most extensive collection you can get. I don't know how many different designs they have though.

I personally haven't tried this yet, due to the fact that my nails are in a horrendous state ate the moment. I did a nail course and needed nail models, and my nails were the closest, so I applied and soaked off gel and tips 4 times. My nails are only now recovering!! And I don't know anyone who actually tried sticking on these babies either. So here is where you come in, let me know if you have tried and loved / loathed these stick on's!!

From what I hear (well, read), they don't actually last longer than nail polish, and chip off just the same. You need to apply a top coat here, to make it last a little longer. Some people complain that they don't apply easily, and this I can believe from my Violent Lips experience. If you happen to have larger or smaller than usual nails (I have a huge nail area), you may or may not have a size that fits all your nails. On the other hand, you get the most amazing designs and textures even! There are some stores and online sites where you can actually design or pick and print your own patterns. And you get to walk around with something that, most likely, your friends won't have on. So the product gets very mixed reviews.

Please let me know what you think!!

Stay beautiful!