Friday, 28 October 2011

Cosmetics and testing on animals

Hello everyone,

I'm writing to you today in a very disturbed mindset. I saw a picture on Liani's Facebook this week that just scared me out of my wits. I am a makeup artist and I did not even realize the incredible amount of cruelty going on in my line of work. I thought animal testing was banned a long time ago, but I was really very wrong.

Let me start off by saying this : I love animals, but my heart strings play a special tune for dogs and rabbits. I had my very own bunny baby before I even got engaged. His name was Sam, as in Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the rings. I loved my little boy to bits! But sadly had to find him a good home when we got married, because we couldn't find a ground unit home, and it would have been cruel to keep him "in the air" if I can out it that way. Here is a pic :

I could never imagine hurting this little fellow, or any other animal, ever. But some companies do on a daily basis. Countless amounts of animals suffer so we can have the perfect shade of hair dye or whatever, and I never really gave any thought to how bad the suffering was, and I don't think you realize either.

Would you force your dog to drink shampoo? Would you inject chemicals into his eye? Would you force your cat to inhale chemicals, or rub it into his fur? No? Then you should see this (please note now that these images are probably going to upset you. At least, they should.) :

There are hundreds of other images online, some of them much more gruesome than the ones I chose to put here. Yes, those are cats in the second to last picture. I also always thought scientists only test on lab rats, but apparently I was wrong. See the expressions on the rabbit's faces in the third picture? Who would do this? L'Oreal would. Maybelline would. Vaseline, Redken, Sunsilk, Elizabeth Arden and Lancome. More brands than you can imagine.

My bubble of ignorance was popped this week, the same week in which I gushed about Maybelline foundation and Avon's creams. I think maybe we don't want to know what happens out there in the world, especially when it hits close to home. All these years, I have been a devout supporter of torturing and killing animals, because I was too stupid to realize what cosmetic (and other) companies do to make sure their products don't hurt us. But now it stops.

Here is a list of companies that do test on animals, and some that don't.

You can also check out this website for a more updated and comprehensive list of companies that test on animals : and I really hope you click this link.

Companies like Rimmel and Johnson and Johnson's are kind of in the dark on this subject. There are sites that say the don't test and some that say they do. Until there is some clarity on this, I won't support them either. Inglot is a cruelty free company, which I am incredibly happy about, since I gushed about them too this week.

Weird how in Europe it was banned quite a while ago to test on animals, and then later products that did it anyway, were banned from the market. Yet all the big brands continue to endorse animal cruelty. I don't get it. How do you live with yourself after injecting stuff into a bunny's eye. Something has to break inside a persons head to be able to do that. No wonder all these activists are always freeing the animals from testing facilities!

I really hope you guys will join the fight against animal cruelty, and unlike me, do your homework about a company before you just buy it. I won't buy a product again before I know if they test on animals, and if I find a company that does or doesn't, I'll be sure to let you know.

I want to end with this, how many times a day do we hear the slogan "Because you're worth it"? We see it on billboards and in magazines and in internet ads. It is constantly on our TV's and radios. All I kept thinking while doing the research for this post was that we aren't wort it. Those innocent animals don't deserve to be slaughtered so we can look good. I would rather never wear makeup again!

Are we really worth it?

EDIT : just an update on this, you can also find a great list of places that do and don't test on animals here :

But you'll notice that some of the companies feature in opposing sides on different lists. If you are unsure, Google the specific company and their testing methods, and you'll have an answer quickly. If it is made in Europe, it probably is safe.

My friend Angelique over at Sexy at Midnight also did a great post about this topic today, and Liani did too. Please go check out their blogs as well.


  1. *"Sería mucho mejor si un ser sintiente nunca hubiese existido, a que existiese sólo para soportar miseria incesante" Percy Bysshe Shelley

  2. Rimmel is an English brand and England is in Europe. However, it's said here: that Rimmel still do animal testing

    1. Thanks for your comment. The general rule is that any company who sells their products in China still conducts animal tests. Rimmel may not test in the UK or EU, but because they retail in China, they still test in animals. This goes for all companies worldwide. Hope this helps!!