Monday, 31 October 2011

Flo Atomizer

Good morning beauties!

After Friday's heavy topic, it's on to butterflies and bubbles once more, or so to speak anyway. I am going to run a poll question about the animal testing this week, so please answer the question and let me know your views on it. I want to thank everyone for the response I got on the topic. You are all awesome and compassionate people!!

Have you seen this awesome gadget?

They are called purse atomizers, and what they do is store some of your favorite perfume in travel size container. You can take this with you in your purse, and touch up your scent through the day. It's got a little piece on the bottom where you attach your perfume bottle's nozzle, and the you pump the perfume into the atomizer, without any product being wasted. There's a million videos on YouTube that will show you better than I can explain it.

I have no idea if these little guys are available in South Africa, but you can buy them online if you want one :
If you know where in SA to find them, please let me know, and if you own one, share with the rest of us what you think about it!

I think it'll make great gifts, and we all know that time of year is upon us!

Speaking of Christmas, I'll be doing a series of ideas for gifts throughout November, just to get you all started on your gift shopping. I promise you that it will save you tons of time stressing if you start getting your loved ones nice gifts now, and not wait until the very last moment!! :)

Stay beautiful!

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