Thursday, 6 October 2011

Mac's New Advertising Campaign

Hello gorgeous!!

OK, so, the buzz in the makeup world is this : Cindy Sherman's new advertising campaign for MAC makeup. Before I say anything, I'll show you the pictures :

I saw an article about this over on Kandee's blog and I couldn't believe what I saw!

Now Cindy Sherman is famous for being the model in her shoots, and here is her featuring in all three photos. Apparently this is supposed to show the relationship between women and makeup, as well as the fact that one can transform oneself with it.

I'm all for makeup transformation! With makeup, we can make our imperfections disappear, we can make our skin seem flawless, we can make our noses seem straighter and thinner, we can create the illusion of cheekbones where there are none, we can make our eyes seem larger and the colour of our irises seem brighter, we can make our lashes seem longer and our lips fuller. Makeup is there to make us feel and look our best. Isn't that why we wear it? Or am I missing the point totally?

Do you want to walk around looking like a dead doll? Because that is what the second to last picture reminds me of. Also, have you ever read The Hunger Games? Slap a pink wig on the blonde picture and you have Effie Trinket (just a side note here, if you have not yet read this book, GET YOUR HANDS ON A COPY TODAY!! Just don't bother with the rest of the trilogy. In comparison to the first book, it sucks.). And I'm not even going to touch that clown with a stick.

The weird thing about this collection, officially known as the Fall Collection over at MAC, is that the colours are overall really cool. I would totally buy and USE some of them. When I look at these pictures, I can't imagine I would!! Being an artist, I'm all for art. I could paint long before I could walk (no, not really!! I'm exaggerating here!!), but I really don't see this as art. I see this as ruining a perfectly beautiful woman's face, and making her seem ugly. Compare this to the other ads over at MAC, which are all glam and gorgeous, then this is an epic fail.

Am I wrong? Do you absolutely love this? Please let me know!!

Stay beautiful!


  1. I think the point of the campaign (and I have to say it does a lot to convince me to buy Mac...) is that it shows how radically you can change yourself with their make-up.

    If I didn't know, I would have thought all three pictures were of different models, and that in it self convinces me that it has that camouflage ability that one needs to look not-like-yourself...

    Take for example, I go to an audition as a bank employee (bussiness suit, very polished and groomed make-up and hair) and the next day I am auditioning for the role of a ditzy starlet... Mac will be able to take me from the one to the other, where many other make-up brands will just make me look like me. (That might explain why they use it so much in the industry...)

  2. I can totally see your point! But I still think they could have gone the glam route on this instead of the freaky route!!