Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Makeup Lingo

Good morning!

Today I want to talk (type) about makeup terms and what they mean. It can be very frustrating when you first start out and you don't have a cookin' clue about what the makeup teacher / guru or whatever is talking. And it's all quite simple actually...

So, let me get started! This is the eye of lovely Este, who was a model for my makeup course.

1) The Brow bone. This is the area under your eyebrow, where you can feel the bone. Here, we apply a highlight, to accentuate the eyebrows

2) The Crease. This is the area where your eye folds. If you are Asian, you may not have a crease, this is called a Monolid. In the crease, we apply the darker shade, and this accentuates the shape of the eye. You will hear gurus etc talking about the "Outer V" or "Photographic C". The "V" effect is when you wing out the darker eye shadow at the outer corner (which I will get to at 4) to create a cat eye, where the "C" is rounded off instead of winged.

3) The Upper Waterline / Tightline. This is the area between your eyeball and lashes, the part of the skin that folds inwards (also called the eye rim). When you "tightline" you are filling in this area with eyeliner. This makes the lashes seem thicker.

4) The Outer Corner. This is the corner of your eye, closest to your ear, where your top and bottom eyelids meet.

5) The Waterline / Bottom Waterline. This is the area at the bottom eyelid, between your lashes and eyeball, the rim of the eye. It is exactly the same as the Tightline, only it is at the bottom! We also apply liner here, to create certail effects and looks. White or peach eyeliner can be used to make the eyes seem whiter and brighter, and even more open. Black eyeliner can be used to create dark and sultry looks. Other colours can be used to create funky effects, or accentuate the colour of your eyes. It is sometimes better to use gel-based eyeliners here, as they last longer (tends to get wet at the rim of the eye!!).

6) Upper Lashline. This is where your lashes grow out of your eye on your top eyelid. Here we apply mascara (like you didn't know that!!).

7) Lower Lashline. This is the same as 6, but only at the bottom eyelid.

8) The Inner Corner. This is the corner of your eye, closest to your nose. It is also called the Tear duct. Here we apply a highlight, especially if you wear dark eye shadow, to make the eyes seem brighter and more open.

Other Lingo :

* Double Lidded : That is when you have a crease (like in the photo above)
* Monolid : Is when you don't have a crease. The skin above the eyelid totally covers the eyelid when the eyes are open. It is possible to have one double lid and one monolid on the same person!!

* Hooded Lids : Is when the skin above your eyelid partially covers your eyelid. It is not totally covered like a monolid though.

* Cat eye / Winged eye shadow : Is when the eye shadow / liner is brought out at the outer corner, to create a triangular shape. This makes the eyes seem more feline.

This is a good example of what double winged eyeliner looks like (though this is technically triple lined if you look at the white line between the two black ones).

* Outer C / Photographic C : Is like above, only the eye shadow is rounded off, instead of creating a triangle shape.

I really hope this helped you guys understand the weird and wacky words makeup artists use!! If you have any other ideas or terms you don't understand, please let me know and I'll do a post about it!

Stay beautiful!

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