Friday, 7 October 2011

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hi beautiful People!!

 So, this month is breast cancer awareness month. Cancer has always been a very important cause to me. Well, not ALWAYS...

I lost my grandfather to cancer when I was 14 years old. To me, he was a rock star. My grandfather was an artist, and through him and my lovely grandma (actually, my other grandmother is an artist too, just the woodcarving variety. You should see what that old lady can do with a piece of wood... Masterpieces!!) passed on the art gene to their kids, and to us, the grandchildren. He was an awesome and loving, if a little (haha, a LOT) stubborn, man, who loved his children and grandchildren to pieces. I will always hold the memory of him close to my heart. Rest in peace James John Gordon.

Since my granddaddy died before the digital age, I had to take a photo of a photo of him to show you. I apologize for the quality of the photo.

I know of very few people who have not been touched by some sort of cancer. My great gran and my grandfather both had it. Many of my friends have lost or lived with someone who had it. People we work with have been touched. People in our streets. Just yesterday I got an email about a little girl born this year with leukemia, who has spent most of her life in the hospital, and her parents can no longer afford to keep her treatments coming. 

Breast cancer is such a sad cause to me, only because it is such a beatable illness, and yet so many women die because of it. According to CANSA's website 1 in 29 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lives. If detected early, it is treatable and winnable!! Please go look at CANSA and Pink Drive's websites for more info on mammograms, self examination and donating to the cause.

We can also donate to breast cancer by doing other things! I know, for example, Clicks has their own range of products (the Oh so Heavenly range, which I ADORE) that donates R2.00 with every purchase from that range (it has the pink ribbon on it) to breast cancer research. And the stuff smells great and is incredibly rich and creamy! I just finished my body wash last week.

When we spread the word about breast cancer, we are saving a woman's life. Both my mom and grandma have had lumps in their breasts. None of them cancerous so far, thanks to lost of prayer, but my great grandma lost both her breasts to cancer. She was 93 at the time, and lived on to be 101 years old, so there is proof that not only can cancer be beaten, but you can live a long live after your victory over it too!!

We as women, need other women to survive. Think about it, no matter what age group you fall in, walk of live or religion you come from or ethnic group you belong to, we need our mothers, sisters, grandmothers and friends to survive. Men (except for a select group of them) just don't get us like we get us! Going for a mammogram is really scary, let us be there for the women in our lives and support them. Let us go with one another to the mammograms. Let us encourage one another to self examine our breasts. Let us pray for one another if a lump is found, and dance for joy when it is removed. And let us support the cause that can save lives, and wear our pink with pride. Together, we can win this!

Stay beautiful, and HEALTHY!

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