Friday, 21 October 2011

The Piano Guys

Hello beauties!!

To send you off into your weekend I want to introduce you to the incredible talent of The Piano Guys. My hubby was on one of his most loved forums last night, and one of the members had a link to this video. Listen to it and love it like I do!! :)

These guys are truly awesome, don't you think? Jon Schmidt on the piano and Steven Sharp on the cello together make awesome music. I love it when you can see someone enjoying what they are doing, and watching their expressions when they play, you can see they love the music. Please support these guys by subscribing to them on YouTube! The have covers of great songs like Rolling in the deep by Adele as well as Love Story by Taylor Swift. Also, there are links to their music on Amazon, if you are interested in buying, on their channel.

Who doesn't love good music? 

A happy birthday to my cousin Larissa, who is a whole 24 years old today!!

Hope you have a melodic weekend! Stay beautiful!

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