Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Renovations Continued!

Hi everyone!!

I have found the Bloomin' Couch couch! Well, not found, given!! My parents had this couch lying around and have very kindly "loaned" me the couch. I love the shape of it, and because I know where it comes from, I don't need to have the entire thing cleaned (you know, I know there were no drunk parties over my couch, no kitties peed on it, and stuff like that)!! I have also gotten some curtains and towels for the place, and will soon be starting on a nice room divider, to separate the front of the salon from the back, where I will be storing some stuff, and later have a basin installed.

Things are falling in to place nicely now!!

My official colour scheme is rich burgundy and turquoise, though I will add some colours later too. These colours will be reflected in the scatter cushions on the couch, and here and there in other places. I'm also open for business now, so if you are in the Roodepoort area, and want your makeup or nails done, email me for an "official" price list. I'll keep you posted on how the place transforms, and at the end of it all I'll post before and afters!!

I'm also working on some cool stuff to sell in the salon, including some things to make a brides' day better, false lashes, and soon some other things like lip glosses. If you have any advice or ideas, please let me know!!

Here is the stuff I've bought up to now, and please excuse the washed out colour, I'm really struggling with lighting in the bloomin' place!!

I promise you the colours are a lot more vibrant than on these pictures. The couch is going to be awesome when it is done. I chose suede to give a luxurious feeling and I'll bring in some other fabrics for the cushions. Now is the part where you can help me!! If you know of someone, or know how to re-upholster a couch, this is the time to contact me. I really don't want to spend a fortune on this, and I already have the fabric. Please let me know!!

Have a fabulous day, and stay beautiful!


  1. Ek sien uit om die finale produk te sien! Dit lyk alklaar baie nice!

  2. Dankie! Is ernstig opsoek na die res van die accessories!!

  3. Daai bank lyk bekend......

    mmm Waar het ek hom al gesien????

    Waar is jou plekkie van waar jy besigheid doen?
    Mail my n pryslys.

  4. Haha!! Daai banke kom al 'n baie lang pad saam! Jy gaan nie glo dit is dieselfde bank as dit eers klaar is nie! Ek werk van die huis af, ons is besig om my skoonpa se ou kantoor (wat eers 'n garaga was) reg te maak vir my. Het al so baie goed gedoen daar onder!! Ek mail vir jou!