Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Stick on nail polish

Good morning everyone!

I have been up to some things for the salon, and I can safely say it will include soap. "What the what?" you ask. Stay alert, and it will be posted somewhere on the blog in the next while.

But on to today's topic, stick on nail polish. This has been a huge trend for a while now, because you can get effects and patterns with this, that you can't get through plain ol' nail art. It isn't even that expensive, you can get it at some places for around R30.00 per set.

Here are some examples :

The above one is from Sally Hansen's collection, and is apparently the most extensive collection you can get. I don't know how many different designs they have though.

I personally haven't tried this yet, due to the fact that my nails are in a horrendous state ate the moment. I did a nail course and needed nail models, and my nails were the closest, so I applied and soaked off gel and tips 4 times. My nails are only now recovering!! And I don't know anyone who actually tried sticking on these babies either. So here is where you come in, let me know if you have tried and loved / loathed these stick on's!!

From what I hear (well, read), they don't actually last longer than nail polish, and chip off just the same. You need to apply a top coat here, to make it last a little longer. Some people complain that they don't apply easily, and this I can believe from my Violent Lips experience. If you happen to have larger or smaller than usual nails (I have a huge nail area), you may or may not have a size that fits all your nails. On the other hand, you get the most amazing designs and textures even! There are some stores and online sites where you can actually design or pick and print your own patterns. And you get to walk around with something that, most likely, your friends won't have on. So the product gets very mixed reviews.

Please let me know what you think!!

Stay beautiful!


  1. how safe are the self adhesive nails for the natural nail. To apply the self adhesive glues before applying the false nail better. Pam

    1. As far as I know, it's perfectly safe! These aren't like false nails, this is more like nail polish in that it's just a thin layer of polish. Hope this helps!