Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wednesday Review - Complete School of Hairdressing

Hello beauties!!

Today I'm reviewing a place, not a product! I had my hair cut last week at Complete School of Hairdressing on Ontdekkers. I have been looking for a hairdresser for a really long time now, but no one really caught my attention, due to various reasons. I figured I couldn't lose anything by trying out CSH, and if I was going to get a modern and funky haircut, where better to go than the place they teach it!!

Here's my hair before :

As you can see, it was kind of long (though I love long hair!!) and damaged. The ends were split and it just generally didn't look good. I phoned around for quotes to get my hair cut the week before I went to CSH, and the lowest price for a cut and blow dry on my hair was R220.00, which probably is still reasonable. But before I go further, here are the after pics:

I paid R150.00 for the cut and blow dry, and R25.00 each for the extensions!! I have had these type extensions before, and paid R65.00 each then. I don't believe you'll get your air cut for a better price anywhere else. But wait, there's more! My hair was washed and styled by one of the students, but the cut was done by the co-owner of the school, Esmé. So not only are you paying ridiculously low prices, but your hair is being cut by a professional with years of experience. I really am very happy with the results of my visit to CSH! And the students and staff there are incredibly friendly (and chatty, as hairdressers usually are!!) and everyone is really helpful.

I'll definitely go back to Esmé! Not only did I save a lot of money, but I really am very happy with my funky hairstyle! It's really light for the warmer weather we have been experiencing the last while, and can still be styled the way my longer hair could. I'm typing this post with my hair in loose curls!

If you are thinking of trying out a new hairdresser, you should really go try Complete School of Hairdressing, and if you are thinking of becoming a hairdresser, it's the place to go as well!! Call them on 011 760 2419, or check out their website here.

I hope you enjoyed this review!!

Stay beautiful!


  1. Jou hare lyk awesome.

    Ek sny my hare by n awesome vrou wat ook nie duur is nie en sy is so cool.


  2. Thankies Tanya! Jy moet my bietjie details gee, ek sal oor haar blog!!