Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wednesday Review - Johnson's skincare

Hi there beautiful people!!

Today I would like to review Johnson's Daily Essentials day and night cream, as well as the gel face wash. I was sceptical when I bought these products, just because Johnson's isn't really a popular brand like say Olay, Nutrogena or Nivea (and others too), but I decided to try them out because my mother in law said they work great.

Here are some pics of the products :


The creams are both really rich and soft! I was really surprised to find that! Also, you really don't need a lot of product to moisturize your face and neck, and it doesn't leave that oily feeling afterwards. It absorbs into the skin quickly and really leaves you moisturized afterward, living up to the "hydrating" claim on the packaging. The day cream has an SPF factor of 15, so that is one less thing for you to worry about!! These sell for roughly R40.00 each, and you can get them at any pharmacy or supermarket.


The gel wash is really thick and lathers quickly and effortlessly. It also has some small exfoliating beads in, as seen in the photo above. I love this face wash! It doesn't leave the skin feeling tight like some other face washes do, and yet cleanses enough to prevent blemishes and breakouts. I have had the odd blemish since I have started using this gel wash, but overall, I think my skin looks better. It also contains Vitamin C and other minerals to help the skin keep clear and soft. I think I got the wash for around R30.00, but memory fails me here!!

I really love these products! I have been using them for more than a month now on a daily basis, and I can tell you now it will last me at least two months more, as you don't need a lot of it to get the effect you want. My skin is really soft and clear! For the price you pay, I believe this is awesome value for your buck.

J & J is also listed on the PETA website, under Cruelty Free companies, so they don't test on animals, which is great. I have been increasingly cruelty free aware the last time, so this is really important to me when buying cosmetics.

So overall, i love these products! The price is great and the results are amazing. Especially considering I didn't even want to buy them! I will definitely continue using J & J's and I'll also try the rest of the range.

I really hope this review helped you!!

Stay beautiful!


  1. Gonna try it when mine is finished....

    You have convinced me!

  2. Haha! I should become a sales person!! Let me know how it turns out for you!