Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Wednesday Review - Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Hi beautiful people!

Today's review is all about Maybelline's Fit me foundation. I first heard about the products from a dvd that was included in a few months back's Glamour magazine. I decided to try it out, since the makeup artist in the dvd was really positive about it.

Here is what it looks like :

I'm shade 220, and I have to say, it really does fit me perfectly. The product does have SPF 18, and does pick up on a camera flash slightly, but not so much that you would really notice. That is my only complaint about the product.

It contains 30ml of foundation, comes in more shades than you could imagine, and retails for around R120.00, depending on where you buy it. I have been using mine for just under two months now, and it still has a lot of product in it. I have also found that it lasts really well in the hectic heat wave we are having in Jozi right now. It gives good coverage without being too thick, it blends well and it doesn't dry out the skin like some foundations tend to do. It also doesn't leave the skin feeling oily. All around, I am impressed.

Here is how it looks like on me.

Me, on the internet, wearing only foundation on my face, pulling faces. Sighs.

I think this is great value for money, and a really nice product overall. You can't go wrong!

Stay beautiful!

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