Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wednesday Review - Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Hello everyone!!

Today I'm reviewing my go-to mascara. Whenever I'm not sure what to get as I stand in front of millions of different mascaras (well, I may have exaggerated a bit there, let's bring it down to thousands... :P), this is usually the one I grab.

Here is how it looks :

This has always been one of my favorite mascaras, it is well priced at about R100 (though I usually buy it on special, then I get it for half price. I told you I'm a bargain hunter!! And I have Scottish blood!) and it doesn't leave globs of mascara on your lashes. I HATE that. It thickens the lashes, and apparently conditions them as well. It does add a little length to the lashes, but not so much as a lengthening mascara would, so if that is what you are going for, this probably wouldn't be your first choice.

A tube of this mascara can last you a very long time. I usually wear different brands of mascara during a same period of time (I don't mix them together though, I'll put on L'Oreal one day and Rimmel the next, that is all I mean), but one of these babies will keep quite a while if I use it alone. it keeps moist months after opening, which is good, because it is such a waste of money when mascara dries out within the first few months. I have also found that this product gets better after it has been used a few times, but that may just be me, because I like clumpy mascara.

Even though mine isn't the waterproof variation, it doesn't just come off for a few drops of water like other products tend to, but when it is time to wash it off, there are no problems. The black colour is also very true, and it doesn't smear onto your eye banks during the day. You can check out the product here.

Overall, I love this mascara!! I hope you'll let me know how you find it!

Stay beautiful!!

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