Monday, 10 October 2011

What are you reading?

Good morning good looking!!

Hope your Monday isn't blue, and your day will continue to be great.

Today I want to discuss reading, and why we should be doing it!!

I love reading. I'll read almost anything, and if I like what I'm reading, I'll do nothing else but read. Really. I finished the entire Hunger Games trilogy in a weekend. If I start on The Lord of the Rings (which is the greatest literary work of greatness in the history of books!!), I'll finish it in 4 days, because I love it soooo much. I prefer reading fantasy and sci fi, though I do read other things too. At the moment I'm reading Terry Pratchett's The Light Fantastic, which is the second edition of his Discworld Series, and also Agatha Christie's The Big Four.

I read because people tend to think that, because I'm "just" an artist, I'm not smart. Really. They'd be like : "Oh, I'm a (insert big job title / degree name here), and she's just a makeup artist (or even graphic designer!!), she won't understand what I'm saying anyway." And I'll be excluded from the conversation totally. I met someone just recently, who actually turned their back on me and went on talking as if I wasn't there.

Us girls who like makeup and looking beautiful, are often mistaken for airheads. Sure, you get them. I know a few girls who are really at their happiest when they can just giggle and look cute. That doesn't mean all women who like looking their best are actually that way! Have you ever felt people totally underestimate you? I love the looks on their faces when I say something that makes sense, or I'm able to carry a coherent conversation (minus the giggling of course). They are usually blown away.

And that is why I read. I read to be able to show the world that there is more to me than just art and makeup. We need to prove ourselves way too often in this world. Being women already makes that most men (and other women too) look down on us. In work situations we need to prove ourselves just as smart, just as hardworking (and in most cases even more so) as men. And by being women who like to look good, it worsens the odds in our favour.

So, I thought we could share here what we are reading, and maybe start reading some books together and comparing notes afterwards. Even if it is just fiction, if you start reading and enjoying it, you'll most probably go on to other books too. I don't like reading newspapers, I find the news too depressing most days, but I do try to read the news headlines everyday, and read the articles that grab my attention. Just to stay current.

So don;t be surprised if you see some reviews on books here in the near future! Please give me feedback on this post. Have you ever been disregarded because you like looking good, or just because you are a girl or woman? And what DO you read?

Stay beautiful!!


  1. This post made me giggle slightly! I've had conversations with people saying I'm into makeup and they DO judge you...but then I go on to say I have a degree in Biological and Forensic Science and they feel all intimidated! So it goes both ways really. You are judged on either spectrums. I tend to disregard the whole judgement thing...they me or leave me :) I love reading too! I'm into adventure novels and also like sci-fi and baking books hahaha. Would love to see some book posts!

  2. Reading? What is that?

    Truthfully, with Gino I don't get the time, I have however stumbled onto some audio books that I downloaded and can now at least listen to - unfortunately most of them, I have the hard copy and have already read, years ago.... (Anne Rice)...

  3. Thank you for your feedback!!

    I will be doing some book related posts in the future!

    I have some audio books too. I like listening to them while I draw. My hubby listens while he drives to and from work, and he loves it!