Friday, 14 October 2011

What colour eye shadow suits Brown eyes?

Hello gorgeous people!!

If you have beautiful brown eyes, this is just the post for you!! Don't worry if you don't have brown eyes, I will be covering other eye colours in other posts as well!!

If you want to know what colour suits your eyes, I'll first have to give you an art lesson. :)

This is the colour wheel :

The colour opposite to each other in the wheel, are known as COMPLIMENTARY colours. So, if you take red, and go to the colour directly opposite it, you have green. Red and green are complimentary. Complimentary means that these two colours make each other stand out the most, and look the best, so red makes green look more striking, and vice versa.

Therefor, if you have green eyes, anything with a red undertone will make them pop, like burgundy, any coppery tones or warm browns.

For blue eyes, any peachy tones, terracotta's, pinks and warm browns.

Gray eyes are difficult, because they can look blue or green depending on the makeup you use. And you don't exactly see gray, brown or hazel on this colour wheel... Try using lavenders and silvers, turquoises or blacks to make gray stand out. Though this all depends on your skin tone, because if you are lighter toned, cooler colours can wash you out totally.

Hazel and brown eyes look good in any shade!! These people are really lucked out! But deep purples, golds and green accentuate these eyes.

All eyes look good in coppers and browns, as well as silvers and grays. I also like to accentuate my green eyes by using deep green eye shadow, but I'll show you that in the next post. The big thing to remember is that blue and green are cool colours, while brown and hazel are warm. For cool colours you can use any warm toned colour, like reddish purples, browns, oranges and pinks, while for the warm colours, you use blue purples, blues, greens and cool yellows. I hope this makes sense!!!

Moving on to brown eyes. I had my lovely friend Odette over to makeup her brown eyes. As I just said above, purples really bring out brown eyes, so I did smokey purple makeup on her. Here is how she looked : 

I appologize for my camera washing out the colour (though it is probably not the fault of the camera so much as my fault...), the lighting in the salon isn't that great yet, were working on it. (I found the Bloomin' couch, by the way!! Will be posting about that sometime.) I had a pic of Odette with her glasses on as well, but the reflection of the light is so bad you can't see her eyes at all. But you can see the effect of the purple though!!

Here are some other ideas for brown eyes :

What do you think of this post? Please let me know and help me improve!!

Stay beautiful, and have an awesome weekend!!


  1. I really like it! It was really useful and actually makes sense. It really takes me back to lower school art lessons :) hahaha

  2. Thank you Angie!! I really felt like my high school art teacher... Man that was weird! I also forgot to mention that you could just use eyeliner to get the same effect on your eyes. Someone pointed this out to me on FB. Use the complimentary colour eyeliner, and your eyes will pop too!!