Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Wednesday Review - Revlon Mega Lash mascara

Hello beauties!

I want to apologize for not reviewing anything in the last few weeks. I haven't had the inspiration to write reviews, even though I have a lot of things to review for you. But I'm back today with a review of this Revlon mascara :

The good thing about Revlon is that it is cruelty free. The problem with Revlon is it's a little pricey. I mean, their cheapest foundations begin at R180- ish. This mascara is reasonably priced at around R100, depending on where you buy.

I like this mascara because it is long lasting and its really thick. It applies well, and does have a lengthening effect on the lashes. It is really very black, which is always good. It also removes very well. You can actually buy this product in a waterproof or extra curling formulation as well. I also find that this particular product doesn't smear onto the eye bank during the day. You know what I mean if you have longer lashes! This is a problem a lot of us have, and even my previous favourite mascara from Maybelline (which I no longer use) smeared onto my eyebanks during the day. Mega lash doesn't do that, even on the hottest of days, and I don't even have the waterproof one!

The tube contains 8 ml of product, and it is conditioning and suitable for contact lens users. Its also supposed to be clump free, but it is kind of clumpy in my opinion, but then, I like clumpy mascara.

Overall, I like this mascara, and I'll buy it again. It's good value for money!

Stay beautiful!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sunscreen, baby!

Hello beauties!

Here in the Southern hemisphere, we are heading into Summer rapidly. Though I do have to say that we have been having cold rainy weather here in Jo'burg every second day or so.

Now I know a lot of you are going on holiday soon, and you are getting ready to soak up the sun and play in the ocean. When packing your travel bag, it is important not to forget sunscreen and after-sun lotion. During this warmer time of year it is especially important to protect our skins from the sun's rays, because more of our skin is exposed to the sun (you were planning on running around in your bikini, right?). So today, we're talking about sunscreen!

Sunscreen (also known as sunblock or sun tan lotion) is a product that prevents the skin from being damaged by the sun's UV (ultraviolet) rays, by absorbing or reflecting some of them. Many sunscreens actually have a skin darkening agent in them, like a self tanning lotion, to help the skin get that tanned look, minus all the UV exposure.

Why is UV rays bad for you? Simply because UV rays can cause different types of Cancer when the skin is over exposed to them. Overexposure can also cause premature aging in the skin. Now you get two types of UV rays, UVA and UVB. UVB is the one that causes sunburn. It is partially blocked by the Ozone layer, but enough of it gets through to cause sunburn. The more times you get sunburned in your life, the higher the risks for skin Cancer becomes. UVB is absorbed by the epidermis layer of the skin.

UVA is directly absorbed by the dermis layer of the skin. UVA rays is the cause of a lot of controversy, because a lot of sunscreens don't actually block these rays. So the consumer thinks they are protected, while they are actually being exposed to large amounts of UVA rays without knowing it. Look for the following agents in the ingredients list of your sunscreen to know if you are protected : titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which repels or reflects the rays from them. UVA rays can also move through glass and water, so don't think you are protected in the pool! The water can actually act as a 'magnifier' and the damage done while in water can actually be worse. 

You should apply sunscreen 15 minutes before you go into the sun, and again when you are outside for the best results. After that, it should be reapplied every two hours, or after your swim. You can actually get a worse sunburn if you don't do this, due to the free radicals which are released when the skin absorbs the sunscreen.

Don't think UV rays have gone on vacation if it's Winter where you are! Heat has nothing to do with it. UV rays are a all-year-round thing, and you should wear sunscreen even in the cold seasons. I wear a day cream that has an SPF of 15 every day of my life, though I usually forget to apply sunscreen to my arms and chest when I go out. :)

SPF? Sun protection factor is a scale on which we measure how much protection we have against the sun using percentages. For example, a sunscreen with 15 SPF, will block about 93% of UV rays, and one with SPF 50, about 98%.

Don't think you are safe if you are darker skinned! Though darker skin is better protected against UV rays, it does still absorb some, so you should be using a sunscreen, even if it is only a light one.

Now, the sun helps our bodies produce Vitamin D, but sunscreen prohibits this production. So you need yo be exposed to the sun for roughly 15 minutes each day without sunscreen to allow your body to produce Vitamin D.

OK, class dismissed. Haha! Hope this helps you choose a sunscreen, or motivate you to actually use one! Protect your skin now, and look younger and healthier later, or something like that.

Just as a footnote here, I want to mention that my friends from LF Photography have been working really hard on changing the companies image, and I have been working really hard to change their website! Please go have a look, and let us know what you think! Also, help them out by subscribing to their blog, it really is just a click away, and they have awesome stuff for you to check out there!

Stay beautiful!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Lace Nail Art!

Good morning!

I hope your Monday started joyfully!

Lace nails are a big celebrity trend at the moment. It is a really easy look to achieve too, so sit tight and I'll tell you how!

What you need is :

* A base coat, and this is important, you don't want to stick the lace to your natural nails.
* Lace, cut to size to fit your nails.
* Nail glue, you can find this at any nail supply store.
* A top coat. This is important too, as it will keep the lace from lifting.
* A cuticle pusher and tweezers
* A nail file.

What you are going to do is :

1. Paint your nails with the base coat. This can be a real clear base coat, or any colour nail varnish you choose. If your nails tend to discolour to yellow when you remove your polish, I recommend you always use a base coat first. This will help your nails keep their natural colour, as well as strengthen them. It also helps to keep the nail polish you apply over it from chipping away.
2. Let your nails dry really well. Go do something else, or put on your favourite episode of Vampire Diaries (or whatever) and wait about half an hour after you think they are dry before you move on to the next step.
3. If you haven't done this yet, cut the lace into the shape and size pieces you want to use on your nails, and put them in the order you are going to glue them.
4. Paint the nail glue onto your nail where you want to place the lace, and using the tweezers and cuticle pusher, gently put the lace down on the glue. DO NOT use your fingers to place the lace, because your skin will stick to the glue, and you'll need to soak it off in acetone. From experience, this is not pleasant!! Make sure you do this evenly, you don't want wrinkles on your nails.
5. Repeat step 4 until all your nails are done. The glue only needs a moment or two to dry, so by the time you have done the last one, the first one will be completely dry.
6. File around the edges of your nail, to smooth out any rough edges the lace could have left.
7. Apply a top coat, and let it dry well. You don't want to ruin your handiwork by messing up the top coat!
8. Go out and show off your nails!!

Stay beautiful!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Nail shapes!

Hello beauties!

Since I did the article on facial shapes, I figured you probably want to know about nail shapes.

Now this is really simple :

Oval or almond is when the sides of your nails are slightly rounded, but the overall shape is still a little longer. This style nail was out for a long time, but is now back with a vengeance! It is very much in style at the moment, and works really well with the new edgy style french mani's.

Square is when the top of the free edge (the part of the nail that isn't attached to skin) is filed flat, and the sides aren't rounded at all.

Pointed, or stiletto is when the sides of the nail is dramatically filed to form a long point at the front of the free edge. This style was made big by none other than the Queen of Weird, Lady Gaga, and it is now all the rage. (Yeah man!) I am personally not a fan of this style at all. It reminds me of ancient China where all the emperors had their nails filed this way. Looks like cat claws...

Squoval is my go to style. It is a combination of square and oval, the free edge being slightly squared, but the sides of the nail are still slightly rounded. This style is the most flattering to all nail shapes.

Round is when the sides of the nail, and the free edge are filed into a circular shape, and is shorter that the oval style. It kind of follows the rounded shape of the finger point. This is a good nail shape if you are still in school, and are not allowed to have longer nails.

All of these styles can be worn long or short. Oval and stiletto style nails will elongate your hands, and so will square and squoval, but not as much. Round nails tend to make the hands look short and stubby, especially when they are very short. All of this obviously depends on the shape of your fingers and nails.

I have a humongous nail bed, so I stay away from round style nails, as this will make my fingers look shorter. I also can't rock square, because it has the same effect om me. So this is going to depend on you. See a nail tech who will help you determine what style will best suit your hands if you are not sure. Also, play around with shapes and lengths, until you find what you like.

Have a wonderful weekend, and stay beautiful!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Fixing broken eyeshadow

Hello beauties!

How many times has it happened that we accidentally drop our favourite eyeshadow and it breaks into a million pieces? And then you try to use it as a loose powder, but it's just never the same!

One of my friends Alissa recently introduced me to Stumble Upon, which is a really cool website where you select your interests, and it randomly Googles for them. It is really cool, and I've found a lot of awesome things I probably never would have found otherwise. Anyway, while stumbling, I found an article about how to repair broken eyeshadows! You can read it here. It is really easy and very effective!

All you need is some surgical spirits, a mixing tool and a little bowl. Crush the broken shadow into a powder, add a little surgical spirits (they call this rubbing alcohol in other countries), mix it together, and put it back into the pan to dry. That's it really! Please read the article for more details, or you can watch this video :

I hope you find this helpful! No more tossing away broken makeup!

Stay beautiful!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

How to curl your hair with a sock... Yes, a sock!

Hello beauties!

Don't you just love long waving or curling hair? I know I do! But I don't like always using the straightener or curling irons on my hair, because even with heat protectors, I'm not convinced that my hair isn't being mauled and murdered... So here is a method that uses no heat! The only drawback is you need to sleep in it. And you'll probably have a sock without a partner. :)

I won't explain what to do here, because the video covers that, but I am putting in some images I found on Google to wet your taste buds!

Check out this tutorial!

Please let me know what you think if you try it!

Stay beautiful!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Breaking Dawn part one

Hello beauties!

So, I know a lot of my readers are Twilight fans like me, and I thought it would be cool if we discussed the new  installment in the saga, Breaking Dawn part 1.

I saw the movie on Friday night with Liani and a bunch of her work friends at Monte Casino. Right here I have to worn you that there will be spoilers here if you haven't yet seen the movie or read the books. Just sayin'.

Here are some pics from the movie :

 Watching probably the most anticipated movie of the year, with a room full of fans was great. One of the girls in our group actually dressed up as Alice, complete with the contact lenses. You could literally feel the excitement in the air.

The switch of directors was more evident in this movie than the others. Bill Condon is known for darker movies, and Breaking Dawn was definitely darker than the other three movies. I also felt that the acting, which was lacking (in my opinion) in the other movies (I mean, honestly, for two people who are supposed to be in love, on and off stage, they looked like they were in pain through most of the first and third movies. In New Moon the pained look could be justified. ^_^) was MUCH better in this one. Kristin Stewart brought some "adult-ness" to Bella, and did the whole "really sick pregnant-with-a-half-vampire-thing" really good. Also, RPatz impressed with his depth of emotion in this movie, and for the first time he actually looked HAPPY to be with his mortal love, at least until he found out he impregnated her. Taylor Lautner also improved in my opinion! He was great as Jake, and also oozed emotion.

The special effects in this movie was awesome to say the least. Watching Bella go from healthy to really really (really) anorexic, was actually scary. You remember in the book where Bella goes into labor and her back breaks? Yeah, hold on to your seats, coz' it looks really real. They made her look really sick, which brings extra dimension to this movie. I mean, we have all seen the movies where the cancer patient doesn't really look sick at all, except for a little lighter foundation and maybe some circles under the eyes. Little Renesmé is a computer generated baby, and looked great too. Looking forward to seeing her in part 2. The actress they chose for her (Her name is MacKenzie Foy.) is really gorgeous!

The much debated honeymoon scenes were no worse than you would see in your favourite TV shows. I have honestly seen sexier scenes in high school shows. Just switch on Vampire Diaries... I actually found the birth scene to be the most "not PG 13" scene in the movie! It was pretty gross and graphical, but in hindsight, I really believe the movie would not have been the same without it. If you have sensitive kids, you should watch the movie with them, or wait for DVD, but that's just my opinion.

I would have loved some more focus on Jake, like it was in the book, but sadly, this was left out. Also, the blonde jokes and banter between Jake and Rose didn't make the cut. Speaking of Rose, why is her hair suddenly light brown-ish? The whole "splitting of the pack" thing was also shortened, though the part where Jake becomes alpha male was cool.

All in all, it was a great movie, and I can't wait till next November to see the second part. The ending assures us fans it's going to be great. Also, stick around for a few minutes after the credits, there is an extra little tidbit with the Volturi.

Have you seen it? What did you think? Please let me know!

Stay beautiful!

Ps. If you hate the Twilight franchise, sorry I didn't post something you like to read about. Please let me know what you want, and I'll do a post about that!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Cupcake and Tiny

Hello beautiful people!

It has been a week since my Xena was poisoned, can you believe it? In the past week so much sorrow was shared in our family, that I honestly didn't think we'd be OK by this time. But due to two little angels, it was possible. We are still really sad about the loss of Xena and Katana, but we have new life on the lawn, and it has made us see hope again.

You've met Cupcake before (and just as a side note, I have to say thank you for the prayers and support. She is doing great!), but today I want to introduce you to my father in law's little German Shepherd, Tiny. She is almost 7 weeks old, and really adorable! She has Husky blood in her, and has one blue eye and one brown eye. She has brought so much joy back into my fathers life, and we love her to pieces.

Here are some pictures Jan took over the weekend :

Don't you just love them? I promise I'll post less about my doggies and more about beauty stuff again!

Stay beautiful!

Friday, 18 November 2011

Magnetic nail polish

Hello beauties!

First, I'd just like to update you on Cupcake's health. She is doing much better today, and is actually in a playful mood. She barked for the fist time last night! And also slept through the night, and kept all her food in. I'm so thankful that she is getting better!

On to today's post. Magnetic nail polish is a huge trend at the moment. Basically there is magnetically charged metal in the polish, and it comes with a magnet, which you hold close to the polish before it dries and it'll make patterns in the nail polish! It is really cool, and a lot of brands make this polish, though I haven't seen it in a shop here yet.

Here are some pics :

It's really cool, don't you think? Please let me know if you find it in a local store!

Stay beautiful, and have a lovely weekend. We can only hope next week will be better.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

There's a new kid on the block!

Hello everyone!

I have no idea if we did the right thing to get a new puppy so soon after my Xena died, but we did. While I'm still wallowing in grief, and I still cry without end, there is a light in my heart in the form of a little Maltese x Miniature Doberman Pincher.

Maybe it was too soon, but Cupcake has given me reason to go on. I have not replaced Xena in any way, the hole she left in my heart is too big to fill, but I needed something to keep me going, and not lay down in despair. They say the best medicine is a new life to love, and I now have a little angel to give all my love to. I still see my Xena everywhere. I still can't believe she is gone, and it hurts more than I can describe. And on top of it all, little Cupcake is sick! The vet thinks she has cat flu, so please, say a little prayer for my new baby. I don't think I'd survive losing her so short after losing Xena.

Here she is :

I love her so much and I pray that she'll make it. If you have advice on how to help her get better (except for the vet, we are going back this afternoon), or on how to mend a broken heart, please comment or email me. Please don't think I'm callous and trying to replace my first love. I'll never forget her, and the grief is still very near. She was awesome, but Cupcake deserves a good home too, and a loving family. And that is exactly what we'll give her. As she lay here sleeping on my lap, I still see my Xena doing the same, but I also see new hope and life. We can't cling to those who are dead and lose our lives in the process. It hurts, but we must go on. :'(

Stay beautiful,