Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Christmas gift ideas 3

Hello everyone.

Photographs are wonderful. To capture a moment in life, and have it forever is a blessing. The events of this week just made me realize again that we need pictures to keep our memories alive. We didn't have enough photos of my Xena, and now we never will.

So this year, give the gift of memories. Get your loved ones a voucher for a photo shoot, and go get that family portrait you have always wanted but never get. You never know when it may be too late. Get that modeling portfolio in order, and follow your dream, because before you know it, you would have put it off too many times and your dream will have died. Go for the pregnancy shoot at four months, or five, or before your baby has arrived, because months are precious, and they move so quickly.

My friends over at LF Photography are the perfect people to help you capture moments. Please contact them to find out more about their packages, and vouchers, and give the gift that will last forever.

Franco : 082 929 3236
Liani : 072 324 9756
Email :

Here are some of their photos to prove how great their work really is :

Stay beautiful,

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