Thursday, 24 November 2011

Fixing broken eyeshadow

Hello beauties!

How many times has it happened that we accidentally drop our favourite eyeshadow and it breaks into a million pieces? And then you try to use it as a loose powder, but it's just never the same!

One of my friends Alissa recently introduced me to Stumble Upon, which is a really cool website where you select your interests, and it randomly Googles for them. It is really cool, and I've found a lot of awesome things I probably never would have found otherwise. Anyway, while stumbling, I found an article about how to repair broken eyeshadows! You can read it here. It is really easy and very effective!

All you need is some surgical spirits, a mixing tool and a little bowl. Crush the broken shadow into a powder, add a little surgical spirits (they call this rubbing alcohol in other countries), mix it together, and put it back into the pan to dry. That's it really! Please read the article for more details, or you can watch this video :

I hope you find this helpful! No more tossing away broken makeup!

Stay beautiful!

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