Monday, 7 November 2011

Ideas for Christmas Gifts

Hello beauties!

I would like to apologize for missing Friday's post. Mu hubby had the day off, so we went with my father in law to spend some time with Jan's granny, and the afternoon I had a client. I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been supporting me! The salon is slowly getting there, and somewhere next year I'll have a opening party or something! Watch this space...

Anyway, I want to give you guys some inspiration for gifts, and what better time than a month before Christmas? It'll give you enough time to get everything sorted out, and you'll cut down on a lot of stress (which, by the way, will save you 10 wrinkles... I just made that up, but stress does age you, and this is a beauty blog after all!! :) ) and have more time to spend with your family and friends during the holiday season!

I'm also going to use this mini series to promote my friends and families businesses, because they all offer really great products or services that could make awesome gifts. So first, I'll start with my father in law's business, which will be called "Wacky Old Man" and as soon as we can get the logo and website sorted, I'll do an update post about it.

My father in law cuts out the most amazing thing out of wood! He makes all kinds of things, including the coolest lanterns (which would be great for your Christmas table) with flower or nativity scene motifs on the sides. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures to show you now, but I'll get some and post them!!

He also cuts really cool puzzles, for both kids and adults. All of the kiddies puzzles except the fish and the train are Yolandie Horak originals! :) I design them, my father in law cuts them, we paint them together and my mother in law writes the alphabet on them. The alphabet? I forgot to mention that these puzzles are reversible!! (Not really, I just wanted to build up some tension. Or something like that!) On the one side the puzzle has a hand painted picture, and on the other side it has the alphabet!! Check them out :

These sell for only R80.00 each, which I think is a bargain since they are totally hand made! There are also some designs that aren't featured here, and if you ask really nicely, I'll draw new designs to meet your needs. This is really fun for kids to learn their ABC's and at the same time, have fun! If they get bored with the one side, they can always flip it over and build the other side. These puzzles are all around A4 size.

We've also got these farm puzzles, which come in two different sizes, for the younger kids. The animals are each cut out separately, and there are 3 levels on top of each other. These are great for kids that are just starting to refine their hand / eye coordination.

Then there are some puzzles for display purposes :

Sorry for the plastic bags, I didn't want to open the sealed packages. These are all for display purposes, and would look great on your dad's desk at the office! There are also many other designs that are not featured here, but you could contact my father in law for a list if you'd like.

Please email my father in law for more details, prices and so on, here :

Jan Horak,

I'll be back with some more ideas tomorrow!

Stay beautiful!

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