Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Japanese nail art

Hello beautiful people!!

I LOVE all things Japanese. I am a huge Manga and anime fan, I speak a few phrases Japanese and I dream of visiting Japan. But when it comes to weird and wacky fashion and beauty, it usually comes from Japan!! So check out the newest trend, Japanese nail art.

Basically, anything 3D goes, and it can be done in any gel, acrylic or non permanent nail varnish. I don't get how in the world you use your hands when they look like this though. In some pictures I found online, there was even long strands of chain and beading hanging from the nails.

Weird or wonderful? Please let me know what you think!!

Stay beautiful!


  1. I kind of had the same freaky design and length be4, I can't have it now cos of my work though. But u adapt to using them quite fast, applying makeup, picking up small objects all of it seems harder than it is)))

    1. Thanx for the comment! I've been wondering about this since doing the post and it's good to hear back from someone who's actually had it done! :)