Friday, 25 November 2011

Nail shapes!

Hello beauties!

Since I did the article on facial shapes, I figured you probably want to know about nail shapes.

Now this is really simple :

Oval or almond is when the sides of your nails are slightly rounded, but the overall shape is still a little longer. This style nail was out for a long time, but is now back with a vengeance! It is very much in style at the moment, and works really well with the new edgy style french mani's.

Square is when the top of the free edge (the part of the nail that isn't attached to skin) is filed flat, and the sides aren't rounded at all.

Pointed, or stiletto is when the sides of the nail is dramatically filed to form a long point at the front of the free edge. This style was made big by none other than the Queen of Weird, Lady Gaga, and it is now all the rage. (Yeah man!) I am personally not a fan of this style at all. It reminds me of ancient China where all the emperors had their nails filed this way. Looks like cat claws...

Squoval is my go to style. It is a combination of square and oval, the free edge being slightly squared, but the sides of the nail are still slightly rounded. This style is the most flattering to all nail shapes.

Round is when the sides of the nail, and the free edge are filed into a circular shape, and is shorter that the oval style. It kind of follows the rounded shape of the finger point. This is a good nail shape if you are still in school, and are not allowed to have longer nails.

All of these styles can be worn long or short. Oval and stiletto style nails will elongate your hands, and so will square and squoval, but not as much. Round nails tend to make the hands look short and stubby, especially when they are very short. All of this obviously depends on the shape of your fingers and nails.

I have a humongous nail bed, so I stay away from round style nails, as this will make my fingers look shorter. I also can't rock square, because it has the same effect om me. So this is going to depend on you. See a nail tech who will help you determine what style will best suit your hands if you are not sure. Also, play around with shapes and lengths, until you find what you like.

Have a wonderful weekend, and stay beautiful!

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