Thursday, 3 November 2011

Newspaper nail art

Hi beautiful!!

So I'm going to tell you how to do the easiest nail art you'll ever see! And it looks really funky and stylish. Whenever I wear this, people can't compliment my nails enough.

Here is how it looks :

Awesome huh? I had pictures of these on my own nails, but I blurred them so much that you can't make out anything. Just looks like grey nails! Sorry about that! So I got this image when I Googled for nespaper nails.

So, what you are going to need is this :

* Solid white, or any other very light colour nail varnish, and a base coat if your nails tend to get yellow from polish.
* Newspaper, any one will do, and you can also use the comic section if you want to.
* Surgical spirits, or pure alcohol
* A shooter glass, or any other small container
* A topcoat, and this can have fine glitter in, but glitter pieces that are too big really don't go well with this look.

What you are going to do is this :

1) Paint your nails with the base coat and the white polish and let it dry.
2) Soak your nail in the surgical spirits for around 15 seconds.
3) Press the nail against the section of newspaper you want to use and hold it there for about 5 seconds. Try not to move the nail, because then the print will smudge. Make sure you get all of the nail!
4) Remover the newspaper from your nail.
5) Repeat this until all your nails are done.
6) Give it about 5 minutes to set and then apply your topcoat. This step is really important, because otherwise the newspaper ink won't last!

And that's that! Please mail me pictures of your nails if you try this! I've personally done this with white nail polish and a light champagne colour, but it really does show up best on white.

Stay beautiful,

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