Monday, 14 November 2011

Sad day

I'm writing to you with the heaviest of hearts today.Two of our dogs were poisoned last night, and both died. My little Xena is no longer here.

I can't begin to describe how I feel, she could have been my child is all how I can out into words how I felt about her. I've been on the "I want a baby" stage for quite a while now, but my husband has asked that we wait a while longer, because he isn't ready yet. So we got little Xena, and she filled the space in my heart. She was 5 months old Saturday, and we had just moved onto the advanced doggy training class. She was doing so well, and learning so fast! And her little curly tail had everyone talking. She was our first dog, and we'll always have fond memories of her, but she was too young to die. I can't believe some sick people took her away from us, for the sake of some stupid car parts.

Katana was a Rottweiler, and was about 6 years old. Se was the most loving dog I have ever met, and adopted Xena straight from the beginning. They were the best of friends, and Katana was my father in law's pride and joy. Both our friends will be missed!

Friends from the start, Katana and Xena had a blast together, and were very naughty too! They'd play together straight through the night sometimes, leaving us with almost no sleep.

Please take care of your pets. This feeling of loss is really overwhelming. I know some people will say that it was just a dog, but it wasn't to us. These girls were both a part of our family, and were wonderful companions and protected us too. We'll never forget them.


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