Thursday, 17 November 2011

There's a new kid on the block!

Hello everyone!

I have no idea if we did the right thing to get a new puppy so soon after my Xena died, but we did. While I'm still wallowing in grief, and I still cry without end, there is a light in my heart in the form of a little Maltese x Miniature Doberman Pincher.

Maybe it was too soon, but Cupcake has given me reason to go on. I have not replaced Xena in any way, the hole she left in my heart is too big to fill, but I needed something to keep me going, and not lay down in despair. They say the best medicine is a new life to love, and I now have a little angel to give all my love to. I still see my Xena everywhere. I still can't believe she is gone, and it hurts more than I can describe. And on top of it all, little Cupcake is sick! The vet thinks she has cat flu, so please, say a little prayer for my new baby. I don't think I'd survive losing her so short after losing Xena.

Here she is :

I love her so much and I pray that she'll make it. If you have advice on how to help her get better (except for the vet, we are going back this afternoon), or on how to mend a broken heart, please comment or email me. Please don't think I'm callous and trying to replace my first love. I'll never forget her, and the grief is still very near. She was awesome, but Cupcake deserves a good home too, and a loving family. And that is exactly what we'll give her. As she lay here sleeping on my lap, I still see my Xena doing the same, but I also see new hope and life. We can't cling to those who are dead and lose our lives in the process. It hurts, but we must go on. :'(

Stay beautiful,


  1. sy is beautiful!! lief jou nig altyd hier vi jou ne!!!! mwah
    xx Ansch

  2. Dankie nig! Nou moet sy net gesond word... :(