Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas loves

Hello beauties!

Hope your Christmas was wonderful!

Two things stood out for me this year. The first being this video we saw in church yesterday. It's pretty cool!

The second thing was the fact that i secretly bought Jan a second present, and he didn't see it coming! Every year with his birthday and Christmas, he knows what he's getting, simply because he'll start guessing what I got him, and when he guesses right, I can't keep a straight face. So this year, I made sure he knew what he was getting! He even ordered it himself. And then I got my father in law to go buy him a waffle maker, which is something he has wanted for a very long time. His face when he realized there was more than just Battlefield 3 was classic. It made my day.

My hubby got me the bestest present ever, the Urban Decay 15 year anniversary palette, which looks like this. Isn't it wonderful? What ruined this gift however, is the fact that the South African postal services lost it, and I never got to lay my hand on it! But, Jan, I love you for trying! It is an even better gift that you thought of me and tried to get me this awesome palette! And hey, maybe it'll still get here somehow!

Thank you to all my friends and family for the great gifts we got this year. It was awesome!

Congratulations to my cousin Neill and his girlfriend Evette, who got engaged this weekend! And also happy birthday to my wonderful cousin Nikke, who is 9 years old today! Love you to bits!

Stay beautiful!

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