Thursday, 15 December 2011

Funky Christmas Trees!!

Hello beauties!

Since I spent the day Christmas shopping with my mommy, Anschke and Liani, I thought I'd share my Christmas spirit with you! Here are some weird and wonderful Christmas trees from around the world. Maybe you'll find one you like, but some of them are pretty weird!! :)

 This is a really weird and wonderful one! Perfect for all the colourful people out there.

Or how about a striped red and white, or rainbow one?

 This would have been perfect in The Bloomin' Couch! Too bad I didn't see it sooner!
 This is a cool one, made out of felt. I think this would be a nice Christmas project with your kids, or little ones in the family. You could make the base by rolling cardboard into the shape you want, and stick the felt over. Then add decorations and you're done! Could probably do the same thing with tinsel, feathers or other materials, and it would look just as good!

 Upside down tree anyone? Haha! Or how about the next one, which is made out of shells? For that beachy feel all year round!

Stay tuned for a post tomorrow about the different sorts of hairbrushes and combs, and what they are used for.

Stay beautiful folks!

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