Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Gradient nail art

Hello beauties!

Hows about some gradient nail arts!! :P

Gradient nail art is when your nails start off being one colour, and end with another one, but they mix somewhere in the middle to create a smooth transition. Does that make sense? I hope so!! :)

Anyway, I'm posting 2 videos for you again, one shows you how to get gradient nails with a makeup sponge, and the other (which really doesn't have a great end result, because the person didn't paint evenly) will show you how to get the look with a fan nail art brush.

First, you probably want to know how these gradient nails look. Let me show you!!

You like it? Great! Now you're probably wondering what the what a fan brush is? This is it :

Where can you buy nail art sets? Try Planet Nails or Professional Nail and Beauty. There are many branches of both of these in South Africa and you can locate them on their websites. It's going to cost you anything from R50 to R150, depending on the quality of the brushes, and how many you get in a set.

On to the videos :

And this one :

As I said somewhere above, the execution of this tutorial was a bit lacking, but it shows the technique you need to use to get the effect. If she had put on a base coat of the lightest blue, it would have worked out better. Or in my opinion anyway!! You can also use gradient nails as a background for more advanced nail art, like the silhouette of a palm tree against a red sunset, or something like that.

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Stay beautiful folks!

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