Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Hobbit trailer

Hello beauties!

I am a HUGE Tolkien fan. So much so that I read The Hobbit and the LOTR trilogy on a regular basis, and I can say the dialogue of the movies as if I was actually there. I really love the Lord of the Rings. I even named my rabbit Sam!

I have been watching the progress of The Hobbit movie closely, like all devout fans are doing. Every failure and little occurrence has been noted, and it actually came to the point where I decided I wasn't going to support the movie, and wait for DVD. Why? Simply because they are pretty much changing the storyline. A lot of characters that aren't supposed to be in the Hobbit (as in, they weren't even born when it took place), are going to be in the movie. It has been said in press releases that Bilbo (who is the Hobbit) will be retelling the story to the younger Hobbits, and that's why they will be returning in the new movie. I wasn't convinced.

Then the trailer was released today. Now, I am torn!! Watch for yourselves:

What happens in the Hobbit? Bilbo is a Hobbit of 50 years old (which coincidentally is the same age Frodo is when he leaves on his quest in the Fellowship of the Ring, and not a 20-ish young man as the movies suggest!! ^_^) who gets recruited by Gandalf to be the 13th member of a party of Dwarves, who leave on a journey to get back their gold. The gold being under a roosting dragon, Smaug, who is quite unhappy at them trying to get it back. Bilbo is the 'burglar' to whom the task of retrieving the gold falls. On this journey, Bilbo finds his sword, Sting (and he uses it a time or two!!) and also the one ring. So it is quite important history to the LOTR series that a lot of people don't actually know.

But I've been a little (well, a lot) skeptical about this movie, simply because they are (apparently) combining it with some of the Histories of Middle Earth (which is a series of books on their own), and taking a thin children's book, and splitting it into two movies, which will probably be around 2 hours each. The actual LOTR trilogy are much thicker volumes, and they were only afforded one 3 hour movie each, leaving out a lot of important stuff, like Tom Bombadil, and the scene where Aragorn uses Kingsfoil to heal Faramir and Eowyn. What are they going to use to fill two movies? The first two LOTR movies were pretty true to the books, but in the last volume, they brought in some of their own ideas, like Sam leaving Frodo before entering Shelob's lair. I think Tolkien is turning in his grave because of that! Sam would never leave Frodo, even if he was ordered away.

So help me here. Should I be stubborn and not go see this movie, or should I be a good little fan and go? Do I go see a changed version of the story I love, or do I miss out on what looks like an epic movie. I know what you're thinking... "She's really crazy!" and you'd be right. I am crazy,l and I'm proud of it!! Haha!

Stay beautiful folks!

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