Thursday, 1 December 2011

How to curl your hair with a flat iron

Hello beauties!

I wanted to do a step by step photo tutorial for you on this, but curling my hair while taking photos is really difficult, and the results are pretty unusable. So i decided that I'm not going to redesign the wheel here, there are videos on the internet that will show you better than a bunch of pictures anyway!

Now I know there are people who will say "Just use a curling iron!" Sure, if you have one, go for it, but not all of my readers own curling irons, and why not learn a new way of spinning the coin, so to speak. You never know when your curling iron will break, and you're left with the flat before the party. Haha. Sorry, I got some snarky comments on a previous post and I'm feeling a little agro... :)

Anyway, there are different methods of doing this, so I'm posting 2 videos, one of them featuring my makeup hero, Kandee Johnson. Hope you enjoy!

Don't you just love her?! She's really crazy and awesome! Subscribe people, subscribe!!

And the second video :

If you can't watch these for whatever reason, basically what you are doing is taking a section of hair, clamping it it the iron, twisting the iron 180 degrees, and pulling it through the hair slowly. A hairdresser friend of mine once gave me this tip, make a mark on the iron, so you'll know when to stop tuning it.  My iron has a little green light when it is on, and I just basically turn the iron till I see the light. :)

Stay beautiful!

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