Monday, 5 December 2011

Ideas for Christmas : Cinnamon Wings

Hello beauties!

I'm writing to you while feeling all kinds of awful, it seems I have caught a nasty flu bug!! But, the show must go on. It really must, even on a Monday, when you don't feel well!! ^_^

Anyway, when was the last time you had a craving for a cupcake, and I don't mean this type of Cupcake

Isn't she just so cute she's almost edible? I love her to bits, and she has been doing great! She's been keeping us up at night, and has taken over our house too... She's a little bundle of destruction!! hehe!!

Anyway, prepare to get hungry!

There yet? These awesome looking little fat-makers are the product of my lovely cousin, Tanja, who has started a small fat-making home business called Cinnamon Wings. I designed her logo by the way!!

 Don't you think it's a good idea to order some home made goodies for your Christmas parties, or even some cookies as gifts? During the festive season, most people eat whatever they want anyway, diets long forgotten or moved over as new years resolutions. So this is your chance to try out some DELICIOUS goodies from Cinnamon Wings, and forget the calories for a day or two, or more!!

Are you hungry yet? Not? Then how about some more good-looking things!! Tanja will even let you claim you baked them! :)

Your family will love these treats, and there are even some glucose, lactose and egg free recipes to choose from. Don't think all of the baked goodies from Tanja's kitchen are sweet ones, you can choose between different quiches too!! I only have photos of the sweet stuff though, so you should really contact my cousin to try out the savoury stuff!!

These little delicious looking cinnamon buns are to die for. I would sell my hubby's car for one. No, not really, I was talking (typing??) big there. But I really do some damage to these whenever I get them in my hands... :) There are different flavours to choose from, so be prepared to try a different one every week. I warned you!

Check out the price list here, and please support my cousin!

And here's just a heads up, I'm going to be blogging about more of my family's businesses! I believe in helping others out, so if you have an awesome service or product you want to advertise, email me!!

Stay beautiful!!