Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Last minute gift ideas

Hello beauties!

If you still have no idea what to get someone, and you're getting stressed because time is a' runnin' out, don't stress it! I've got some ideas that could just get you back on track!

If you have a friend or loved one that always spends more on everyone but herself, and never actually gets pampered, why not get her a voucher at a spa, or even just a hairdresser? Before my mom ever went to hairdressers for a haircut (cutting her hair herself, or going to the cheapest option), I sent her to my hairdresser, and paid to get her hair highlighted, cut an styled. Now she can't go a month without it!! Hehe! But it was always something she enjoyed, and felt good about herself afterwards. So I got a few vouchers for friends and family after that too, and it was always a hit. You can also go for the facial option, or getting her nails done too! I would recommend you only give this as a gift to close friends or relatives, as some people could take offense.

Get her some makeup! Yardley has a nice new palette out, called "A Tale of Beauty", which you can buy at Clicks, or online at Takealot.com. Yardley's skincare range doesn't test on animals, but their makeup range has a five year roll over policy, which means they use the test results of animal testing after 5 years. I don't personally use Yardley anymore because of this. Clicks also has a nice range of Glam products, that would make an awesome gift to teenagers. If you want to spend a little more, why not go to MAC, or Inglot? The staff there will help you pick great stuff, and it will last forever!

This is actually a male / female gift category, but why not get a book? The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is awesome, and the movie will be out in March, so if they like reading, this is the gift to get them! For lovers of Fantasy, you could get Inheritance, which is the last book of the Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini (the Eregon books for those of you who are lost). You could also go for writers like Trudi Canavan, David Eddings or Terry Pratchett. For those who like suspense and drama, why not get the new John Grisham book, The Litigators, or go with Clive Cussler's Devils Gate. Also try writers like Tom Clancy, Jeffery Archer or Robert Ludlum. I have no idea which new romance novels are out, simply because I don't actually read romance! But you could try Karen Kingsbury or Danielle Steel.

Why not go to Mr. Price Home or other home stores, and get her something nice to put in the house. Girls are always making up things, and their living space is no exception. You can also buy him something to organize his DVD collection in, or for his desk at work.

Handbags, anyone? Get her a nice bag! As I have a handbag fetish, and not a shoe related one like the other half of womanhood, you would really make my day by getting me a nice bag. You can go to almost any clothes store to get these, or luggage shops, or (my favourite) China Mall.

You could also go with perfume (or cologne in your man's Christmas box!!). There are a lot of nice options out there, so you should know the person you are shopping for well. Don't buy perfume for someone else's wife or girlfriend (or hubby / boyfriend)! And also don't buy it if the girl already told you she's not interested. This is something you only get for someone you actually are romantically involved with, or a parent, sister, brother or grandmother. Or a very close friend. It's kind of pushy to get perfume for just anyone!!

If the person is a gamer, get the new Skyrim game, or Battlefield 3. Those are the big games of the season! You could also go with a new Xbox controller, or a PS3 game. Go to your nearest BT Games, or Incredible Connection, and ask the staff there to help you if you have no idea what a Xbox is... :)

Movies or music? Get the Adele CD, or if he's a fan, the Rise Planet of the Apes (I mean, seriously!!) DVD. You can also get the new Spy Kids DVD for your kids!

I hope this helps!

Stay beautiful, and be safe between the marching hordes in the malls!! :)

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