Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Nail art inspiration for new years!

Hello beauties!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, we had various family over the larger part of the day and by the time everyone was gone, it slipped my mind to blog.

I have also been experiencing some difficulties with my Facebook page, and I can't update my status. So you wouldn't have been able to see on FB when I posted here. I'm moderately annoyed. :)

Anyway, how about some glittery nails for new years! These are just to inspire you, none of them are my own work, all I did was Google!! :)

 These are quite cool, and pretty easy to do too. There are two ways of going about getting the netted effect, one : you have a really steady hand with your striping tools, or two : you do this.

1) paint the first colour where you want it, and let it dry.
2) Place a piece of netting over your nail, and holding it tight, paint the second colour over the netting.
3) Remove the netting gently, and bob's your uncle!
4) Topcoat people!! :)

These next green ones would have been awesome for Christmas!

Stay beautiful!

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