Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Nail art : Nail marbling

Hello beauties!

Sorry for posting so late today, I was at the hairdressers... :P Will post pictures sometime soon!!

Nail marbling is really really easy. Here is how it looks :

Cool huh? Here is what you are going to need :

* Nail polish in the colours of your choice
* A bowl you aren't too fond of filled with ROOM TEMPERATURE water. If the water is too hot / cold, this wont work.
* A toothpick
* Some tape to cover your fingers with. This gets really messy!! You can also put a thick coat of Vaseline around the nail area, that should work too.
* A topcoat

What you are going to do is this :

1) Fill your bowl with water and let it sit until it is room temperature.
2) Cover the skin on your fingers with tape / Vaseline. Don't be shy with this step, your fingers are going to be covered in nail polish before long...
3) Take your nail polish, and put a drop of it in the water
4) The second drop goes on top of the first one, etc. The polish is going to spread out in the water, don't panic, it's normal.
5) Using the toothpick, gently swirl the nail polish to get the pattern you desire.
6) Place your finger (with the nail facing toward the water) onto the nail polish in the water,and gently sweep your nail down. Keep it in the water.
7) Using the toothpick again, sweep away the excess nail polish around the nail before taking it out of the water.
8) Let the nail polish dry well before you remove the tape / Vaseline
9) Apply a top coat, and you're done!

This is a really versatile nail art technique, you can create a wide range of looks by doing this. it does take a try or two before you get it though. You can always go check out Youtube to find videos for this. There are hundreds to choose from.

Please mail me pictures of your nail art, or post it on my FB page!

Stay beautiful!

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