Tuesday, 31 January 2012

10 Makeup for tips when time is a problem!

Hello beauties!

I spent the morning (and early afternoon!!) with an old school friend of mine, Lizanne. It was a bundle of fun catching up, and getting to know her as a 'grown up'. Not only do we have loads in common, but we have enough differences to keep the relationship interesting. And, Lizanne inspired today's topic too, so double win! She has the most beautiful little blue eyed baby girl, named Emily, and since the little angels' arrival, not so much time for herself.

So, that got me thinking, what tips can I give to new mommies (other than my quick makeup look, which you can see here) who don't have even 10 minutes to get ready? And I came up with this:

1) If time eludes you, and you need a little colour in your face, slap on some mascara, and a bright colour lip! It'll bring some colour into your face, and wont take long at all.

 2) Mommies run around constantly, so invest in a good cream eyeshadow (taupe is always good), apply that to the lid, and dust it lightly with translucent powder. This has better staying power than normal eyeshadow, and wont crease!

3) Use the same tip on your cheeks, dab a bit of lipstick on your cheeks, and blend with your fingertips. Also set with translucent powder, and your cheeks will look rosy all day!

4) Find a good concealer, that matches your skintone. Conceal all your imperfections, and under your eyes, as well as down the centre of your face. This will give your skin a lift, and make you look more awake!

5) Apply mascara to your bottom lashes first, and then to the top ones. This will eliminate your chances of smudging your eyelid when you apply to your bottom lashes! Don't leave homw without mascara, as this is what will make you look awake and a little polished. If all else fails, grab the mascara! (That, by the way, is my mantra.)

6) Fill in your eyebrows, and apply mascara. Filling in the brows immediately frames your face, and makes your eyes stand out.

7) Use a blush as eyeshadow, and the same one on the cheeks too. Not only is the matchy look in right now, but it's super fast to apply!

8) If you need to wear foundation on your whole face, mix it with your moisturiser (or get your hands on a tinted moisturiser) and apply that for face not sagging underneath layers of makeup!

9) Apply some eyeliner on your top waterline (don't know where that is? check out this blog post!), or make small dots with it between your top lashes. This will make the lashes look fuller!

10) Stick with eyeshadow shades you can apply over the whole lid, and don't need shading. Greys and soft browns look great on everyone!

Stay beautiful!


  1. Love point number 7. Tried it with the Hanon blush before and it works beautifully both ways!
    Thanx for the cool blog today