Monday, 23 January 2012

Art by me!

Hello beauties!

Totally beauty-unrelated, I know, but I had to share! I had so much fun doing this!

Now, Liani (ps. when last have you checked out her blog? It's full of awesomeness) asked me to paint something for her house so long ago, I can't even remember it. She actually gave me the canvas she and told me where she wanted to hang it. This was so long ago, I can't even remember where she wanted it!! :)

Anyway, I saw something on Google, called melted crayon art, and I really had to try it. So on Friday, I got some crayons, and I made my art! :D I had a blast! And, I thought of you guys, and made a step by step photo tutorial, so if you want to try it, you can!

So, you're going to need some crayons. How many depends on the size of the canvas. I had around 45 but please don't ask me the measurements of the canvas!!

I also had to remove some of the wrappers, because I got two different brands of crayons and one brand had wrappers and the other didn't. On my second project I left the wrappers on, and I found this helped the crayons stick to the canvas better.

 Here is the canvas (made by none other than my father in law!). I painted it white before I got started, and then I sorted the crayons into colour groups. I also packed them out onto the canvas first, just to get an idea of where I wanted to stick them. I stuck them using good old wood glue and I decided to place the crayons diagonally on the canvas just to make it look a little funky.

 I gave it about half an hour to dry, and then I drew on my picture. I decided on a couple under an umbrella. I drew out the basic shape, and then filled it in using a black crayon. My second attempt with the ballerina was painted on with black paint, because I struggled to get the crayon even.

 I blocked out the picture with sticker paper, because I didn't want the crayon to melt over the picture. Then I went outside, placed some old newspaper on the table I was working on, and using my hairdryer, melted the crayons. I worked from the top down, holding the hairdryer at an angle. And I got this effect :

If you're planning on trying this project, I would suggest you wear old clothes, or an apron, as it splatters everywhere. Also, don't melt the crayons close to the house if you don't want colourful walls and windows. I suggest a long power cord and working on the grass. It gets messy!

Cool huh? My second one I did on Sunday, featuring this ballerina posing. You can't really see it in this picture, but the crayon splattered all the way to the other side of the canvas, making it look like the colour is catching up with her. The colour isn't as vibrant here as it is in real life, but I still think it looks pretty cool!

Hope you enjoyed this! On the agenda for the week is a cool nail tutorial tomorrow, the review of the January Glambox on Wednesday, I have NO IDEA for Thursday, and my new video on Friday (which is about makeup brushes). Please vote in the poll to let me know what video you want to see next. I also want to thank you for your support in last weeks poll, I'm doing the L'Oreal competition!

Stay beautiful!