Monday, 9 January 2012

Bikini jeans

Hello beauties!

I had something totally different lined up for you today, as in, my very first video tutorial, but my computer broke over the weekend, and now I can't save the file in the right format to upload here. My pc should be better by the end of the week, given that all the parts it needs are in stock. For those of you who understand jibber jabber, the motherboard and the graphics card both broke, and since all the other stuff in the computer are really old technology, basically everything has to be replaced to work with the new motherboard.

Anyway, a new trend has emerged from Brazil, called the bikini jean. It's so low rise, that it has built in underwear, to prevent a wardrobe malfunction and save the wearer from public humiliation. I know this isn't really a fashion blog, but heck, this was too good to resist!!

Do you love it? Hahaha!! I obviously don't. This is the type of thing that is going to be worn by women who honestly shouldn't. if you have a tiny body and think this is awesome, good for you. But the rest of the female population really shouldn't attempt wearing this! What are your thoughts?

I will do the body shapes post tomorrow!

Stay beautiful folks!

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